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Dear Scout Boats,

The features that we like most about our Scout Boats 145 Hybrid are the shallow (8”) draft and the 36v electric motors. This combination allows us to escape the busy main channel, and explore the beautiful coves and creeks along the Connecticut River. Our family loves the close connection with nature that this facilitates, and the boat’s stealth, maneuverability, and steadiness make it the perfect platform for wildlife photography. We can go pretty much anywhere that a kayak can, but with all the comfort, speed, and stability of a 14.5′ fiberglass hull. And, when it’s time to head back to the dock, or move on to the next cove, we just lower the 20hp Yamaha outboard and skedaddle to the next destination. Our sales representative keeps wondering when we’re going to upgrade to a bigger boat, but I explain that this isn’t even in the cards until Scout comes out with a bigger version of the 145 Hybrid!

With best wishes,

(Dr.) Pierre Faber

530 LXF Scout Line Drawing

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