World Class Fishing Boats: Scout Boat’s Special Features

Each Scout boat is built with the highest attention to detail and features state-of-the-art innovations that adhere to a rigorous quality control process. Here are just a few of the factors that make Scout Boats world class fishing boats.

Everything we use is a 100% composite material. We don’t use wood anywhere in the construction of any Scout boat. Our backing plates are made with whale board, a highly compressed resinated paper. It actually has a higher screw retention than aluminum and is some of the best backing plate you can get. We install it where the cleat is going to go at the back of the boat and anywhere on the boat that is going to hold anything of substance (a swim platform, a T-top, any seating). It’ll be in place regardless whether that boat is ordered with that option or not. It’s also installed behind the hinges so all the little hinge screws are embedded in whale board material.

One extra feature that we put in every standard Scout Boat is Syntec vinyl with nanoblock technology. The nanoblock technology has three protection systems. It protects against staining, fading, and mold. Substances such as fish blood, ketchup, mustard, lipstick, and wine that would stain a normal boat’s cushions can be wiped clean away on Syntec vinyl. These cushions are expensive but they’ll last forever and won’t be damaged by everyday use.

All Scout Boats are 100% handlaid, all the way down to the smallest part on the smallest boat that we build. We use multi-directional fiberglass that’s supplied by the best vendors in the industry. This allows for strength to come from the fiberglass by the way that it’s woven and actually covers every direction (not just north, south, east, west) but every single direction by the way that it’s overlapped. That’s one thing that we do to ensure we have the strongest boats in the industry.

It may not seem that the color or shade of a white is important. One of the things Scout wanted to create was a color that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and identifiable as a Scout product. It’s also for a purpose. When you’re spending the day out on the water in the bright sunshine, the glare is minimized. Many of our competitors use a bright appliance white which may look nice in a showroom but won’t protect your eyes.

Another key feature to Scout Boat’s attention to detail is our finishing department. They go through the boat entirely and look for any blemishes or nicks or dings. They’ll buff the entire boat out and make sure it’s completely polished with that perfect Scout finish before delivery.

We’ve invested in a special light tunnel. Once it’s turned on, it emulates the sunlight that you would see outside instead of just the factory lighting that you would normally find. We wheel each boat into this light tunnel and go over it with a fine tooth comb to ensure that all the blemishes are out of the boat and that the boat is perfect in its finish and quality once it’s delivered to you.

Want to know more or request a quote? Contact our team at Scout Boats. We’re always happy to help.