What Is A Bay Boat?

Need a craft that can cruise across the water quickly? Need a boat that will give you speed, performance, and a comfortable ride, all with a manageable size? Then you should consider a bay boat! Let’s take a closer look at these models so you can see if they’re right for you.

The Big Picture

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As the name suggests, bay boats are for using in the bays and nearshore areas, and they may be too small for the open ocean, at least when the waves are up. These boats essentially fill the niche between small flats boats, which have a shallow draft for floating in shallow water, and larger boats that are made for open water. Using innovations and characteristics of many boat styles, bay boats have a shallower draft than offshore boats but can give you a smoother ride.

Key Characteristics

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Bay boats have the ability to fish in shallow water but the stability to handle deeper areas. They are also maneuverable, as they need to navigate tighter spaces. They usually have enough room on deck for about four anglers.

When it comes to length, most are roughly 20 to 25 feet, which makes them versatile enough for fishing the shallow areas or the deeper fishing holes. This length also allows you to have the storage and fishing amenities you need without cramming the interior.

Bay boats almost always feature a center console. Center consoles allow for convenient casting at all angles and generally give the boat better balance.

The top characteristic of a bay boat is versatility. They can take you fishing on shallow or deep water, and they also have a design and size that is perfect for skiing and water sports. You simply won’t find a craft that can do more than one of these models.

Bay Boats From Scout

Here are a few top bay boats from Scout Boats!

251 XSS

251 XSS T-Top

251 XSS

The 251 XSS is a high-quality bay boat that has forward seating and standard features such as an anchor locker, lockable rod storage, and a transom ladder. It gives you all the performance you need. Plus, with a draft of only 13 inches, it’s also one of the most capable boats for targeting the flats and intertidal areas. With a length of over 24 feet and a width of 8.5 feet, this boat also has the space you need for comfortable boating.

231 XS

231 xs

231 XS

Another option available from Scout Boats is the 231 XS. This boat was created with the best technologies to give you the performance and ride quality you expect. It has a high-performance stepped hull, which allows you to take full advantage of the top-notch engines.

Amazing Boats For All Your Fishing Adventures

If you’re looking for a great bay boat, contact Scout Boats for more information on out top-quality models. Our boats are made with advanced technologies and some of the most sophisticated innovations found on the water. With Scout, you don’t just get a boat, you get an engineering masterpiece. Browse our full selection today!