8 Types of Power Boats You Should Know

If you are going to purchase a boat, it’s important to know your options! While this list is not all-inclusive, here are some of the most common types of power boats seen on America’s rivers, lakes, bays, and ocean waters:

Bay Boats

Bay boats are perfect for fishing and boating across bays and larger lakes. They are best for shallow waters, estuaries, and other areas near shore—although they can be great for offshore fishing during ideal conditions. In most cases, they are no more than 25-feet in length.

Bass Boats

Growing in popularity, bass boats have become excellent options for fishing and other sports. The have a low profile and a V-shaped hull, and are best on lakes and rivers. While they were created for bass anglers, they are effective for virtually all types of cast-and-retrieve fishing.


Bowriders have an open-bow area that allows for extra seats in front of the helm. With this addition, they can carry more passengers and are therefore considered an ideal family boat. They can be as large as 30 feet, and can be used for fishing, water sports, or simply cruising rivers, lakes, and bays.

Center Console

Center console boats can take many different forms and sizes, but they are marked by a console that is (surprise!) in the center of the boat. This allows for more casting space, making them great for fishing. They can be sized for inshore and offshore adventuring.

Flat Boats

Ranging from 12 to 18 feet, flatboats are ideal for rivers. They have an extremely shallow draft thanks to the flat bottom, and sometimes come with a push pole that makes it easier to cruise over shallow waters, intertidal flats, and debris sitting just below the surface.


As the name suggests, this is a floating house. They can have inboard motors or multiple outboard motors, and they can range from large to massive; as long as 150 feet! They have full kitchens, bedrooms, and living quarters, making them perfect for families. Many people prefer to rent these boats as opposed to owning.

Jet Boat

Jet boats have a single or multiple jet-drive systems that create propulsion for the craft. They are extremely maneuverable and possibly the fastest among all boats we have listed in this article. They can be used for water sports, racing, and boating over shallow areas.

Pontoon Boats

With a deck mounted over two or three pontoons, pontoon boats are ideal for family cruising, but they can also be used for fishing and even pulling a tube. However, they are rarely used for skiing.

The Luxury You Desire in a Boat You Deserve!

These are just a few of the most common types of power boats found on the water. If you want to try out a luxury center console or bay boat, visit scoutboats.com today. With a full selection of nearshore and offshore fishing vessels, we have everything you need for an outstanding fishing experience!

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