How to Set Up Your Fishing Boat: Tips from a Boat Manufacturer

How to Set Up Your Fishing Boat: Tips from a Luxury Fishing Boat Manufacturer

Having a great boat is only part of fishing success. To make the most out of every outing, you need to know how to set up your fishing boat properly for maximum performance. With these tips, you’ll have the perfect setup for your next fishing adventure!

Dedicate the Front Deck Strictly to Casting

One of the most important parts of a highly functional fishing boat is the front casting deck. This is where the most fishing will be done, so it’s important to keep this area organized and free of clutter. Remove all unnecessary items, including gear that can create a tripping hazard.

Store All Fishing Rods Off the Deck

If you watch a fishing tournament on television, you’ll see bass anglers with about a dozen rods laid out on the deck, ready to be accessed immediately. While you can take many tips from the best fishermen around, this is one you’ll probably want to avoid. Chances are that you won’t be fishing as aggressively as these angers, and switching from one lure to another won’t be the difference for winning thousands of dollars. Instead, have your fishing boat set up so that all rods are stored off the deck. With this strategy, you won’t have numerous tripping hazards at your feet.

Use a Remote-Controlled Trolling Motor

Full control of your trolling motor at all times is crucial, so set up your boat with a trolling motor that is equipped with a remote control. Foot pedals can be effective, but they are cumbersome and, of course, you can only control the motor when you are on the front deck. Instead, use a remote control and you can steer the boat from any position.

Upgrade the Boat with Outriggers

If you want to have a truly effective fishing experience, you need outriggers. Most large boats are available with outriggers, increasing your chances of a successful day (or night) on the water.

Keep Items Not in Immediate Use Out of the Way

To have the best results while fishing, safety is crucial. There can be a lot of gear needed for your adventure, and it can be tempting to simply toss these items on the deck. Ropes, life jackets, and equipment should all be properly stored in a specific place.

Keep Gaffs and Nets Out of the Way, But Quickly Accessible

Gaffs and nets are important for successful fishing, and they need to be accessed in a moment’s notice. However, they should be stored out of the way so they don’t create a significant tripping hazard. Many anglers prefer to keep gaffs of various sizes and shapes in one of the aft in-deck boxes, where they will remain safely stored until needed.

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