Scout: The World’s Best Sport Fishing Boats

Whether you are a professional angler or simply looking for one of the top fishing boats available, learn why Scout is a great choice.

A Leader in Boat Design and Engineering

These boats combine innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and long-lasting reliability to create something special. Few fishing boats are built with such an incredible passion and commitment to excellent. For over a quarter of a century, Scout boats have been seen on coastal waters all over the country, giving boaters and fishermen smoother planing, dryer rides, and superior efficiency.

Game-Changing Innovations

Scout is one of the most innovative boat makers in the world, with a long list of intelligent designs and engineering that make the boats stronger, more reliable, and more efficient. One of the most important innovations for Scout is the reverse-shoebox hull/deck design. This design leads to a higher structural integrity by placing the deck of the boat inside the hull and bonding the two to make one structure, all while the hull is still in the mold. This process was originally used by Scout, and has helped fishing boats and other vessels keep their hull shapes as straight as possible for years and years.

Another important innovation for Scout is the elimination of wood from the entire construction process. Even the highest-treated woods will rot, especially wood that is subject to saltwater on a daily basis. Because of this, Scout removed all wood from their engineering, replacing it with composite stringers and transoms, which last longer and help the boat maintain its quality and value.

Thanks to the air-assist hull design, Scout fishing boats have better handling, superior fuel-efficiency, and faster time to plane. The air-assist design, which was created over hours and hours of meticulous research and development, is used on smaller fishing boats ranging about 15 to 19 feet. While Scout has created other hull designs for their larger boats, this hull innovation helped launch the company over 25 years ago.

Hand-Crafted Quality

For over 25 years, Scout has been a leader in coastal fishing boats, and it didn’t happen by coincidence. It took years of dedication, development, and an unending commitment to quality. While the innovative boat designs played a major role in the creation of the company, another important factor is the hand-crafted build process. Each and every part of a Scout fishing boat is physically crafted, including the hulls, the deck, the consoles, and more. Simply put, there is not a part on a Scout fishing boat that isn’t assembled by hand. This means great attention to detail and better quality for the boat’s lifetime. It also means you get a boat that is built by someone who takes pride in their work and shares your passion for fishing and boating.

Find the Perfect Fishing Boat Today

Visit Scout’s website to learn more about their excellent innovations or browse their large selection of coastal fishing boats to find your favorite vessel.

You can have a boat that maintains a higher level of performance, quality, and design, and Scout can make it happen.