Ocean Fishing Boats from Scout

Ocean fishing is one of the most rewarding yet challenging styles of angling. It requires a healthy dose of know-how, dedication and a hearty level of patience. When the bite is on, you’re in for a remarkable experience that will offer stories for a lifetime. If you’ve enjoyed this sport, you know that to perform the best, you need the right boat. Fortunately for you and your group, Scout makes world-class ocean fishing boats that set the standard for performance, convenience, and luxury.


There are many features and characteristics to look for in a fishing boat that will be used in open water:

  • Size is one of the most obvious and important factors to look for. When on the ocean, you’ll want a large boat that can safely handle waves and chop. In most cases, a 30-foot boat or larger is preferred for fishing the seas.
  • Along with the size, it should have powerful engines to swiftly propel you to the fishing destination, as well as a large fuel capacity to keep you moving. The boat should also have a sleek, well-designed hull that allows for smooth performance in both smooth and rough conditions.
  • All fishing boats should have a live well, but an ocean fishing boat should have a particularly large live well that allows you to store some of the biggest fish you pull from the ocean!
  • In freshwater, most people trailer their fishing boats every time they go fishing. In saltwater, you will likely leave your large fishing boat at a dock or marina. For this reason, lockable storage is a must, as you don’t want to haul your fishing gear to and from the boat every time you go out.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best ocean fishing boats from Scout!

420 LXF

420 lxf
The 420 LXF is our flagship ocean fishing boat, and it’s one of the most impressive vessels in the world! Made with luxury materials, advanced technology and a large host of fishing features, this boat creates a world-class experience on any ocean.

380 LXF

380 lxf
If you want innovative performance on the ocean, the 380 LXF is here to please. It will give you advanced technology, like CZONE digital switching, Garmin screens, WiFi, and Fusion speakers, but it also provides all the fishing features you demand, including rod storage and a 100-gallon bait well.

350 LXF

350 lxf
Using our innovative stepped-hull technology, the 350 LXF gives you superior stability on the water while maintaining fast, efficient performance. When properly equipped, you can reach up to 70 mph, which helps you reach the most remote fishing destinations in a flash. Add in optional features like 15-foot outrigger poles and a deluxe cockpit tackle station, and you have a vessel that can compete with any ocean fishing boat on the water.


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