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Living on a Boat in a Marina

It might seem like a crazy, fantastic idea, but using your boat as a home is more common than you think. For many people, living on a boat in a marina is the best approach to this lifestyle. Keeping your craft docked in this area provides a variety of benefits!

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Benefits of Docking in a Marina

Here are some of the benefits of living on a boat in a marina:

Safety & Comfort

When you’re docked in a marina, you’ll never have to worry about your boat floating away or ending up on rocks. It will be safely secured, giving you greater peace of mind. You’ll also have more comfort since the boat will be resting in a stable and still marina as opposed to rocking waves.

Access to Amenities

Living on a boat in a marina also provides access to amenities like power. You can run a microwave, dehumidifier, or electric heater and not have to worry about draining your battery. Having access to the marina’s power source creates greater convenience when you are at “home” on your boat.

Maintain a Social Life

Staying in a marina also provides access to neighbors, something you certainly won’t get living out on the water. You’ll walk past people every day and have more contact with your fellow boat owners.

Drawbacks of Marina Life

Here are some of the drawbacks of living on a boat in a marina:

Lack of Availability

Finding a marina where you can live on your boat may be tough. Most marinas don’t allow “liveaboards,” and the ones that do have extremely long waitlists. It’s not uncommon to wait several years to gain access to a marina where you can live on your boat.

High Rent Costs

Living in a marina isn’t free! You’ll also have to pay rent. Paying for a slot in a marina is often expensive as it is. However, paying to live in a permanent location within the marina can make that price skyrocket even higher.

Noisy Boat Traffic

While it can be nice to neighbors, you’ll also have to deal with noise from other boaters. If you’re a private person, having your craft next to another boat may not be for you. Plus, marinas are often highly-trafficked areas, and boat engines can be quite noisy.

Is Living on a Boat Right for Me?

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If you’re going to live on your boat, a marina is one of the best options. But you need to think carefully before making this step. Take the following points into consideration when making this decision:

  • How long do you plan to live on the boat? Is this a retirement option or simply a short-term adventure?
  • Consider the local climate. Depending on where you live, you may need to invest in an air conditioner or a heating unit.
  • How are your handyman skills? Living on your boat requires general boat maintenance knowledge and a do-it-yourself attitude.
  • Understand the costs. On top of marina fees, there are waste management, fuel, maintenance costs, and more. Be sure you are prepared for these expenses.

Live on a Luxurious, Comfortable Boat

If you’re going to live on a boat in a marina, make sure you have a quality vessel from Scout Boats. All of our boats are built to the highest quality, and they come loaded with luxuries and amenities that make boat living more enjoyable!

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