Best Mackerel Fishing Boats From Scout

Few fish provide as much fun and excitement as the mackerel. This type of fish comes in a wide variety of sizes, allowing anglers to experience different fishing styles while catching a hard-fighting and (depending on the exact type) delicious fish for the table. If you want to pursue this species, make sure you have […]

Sheepshead Fishing Boats From Scout

Sheepshead are a great sportfish, giving family and elite anglers plenty of opportunities to target a fish that fights hard in the water and tastes great at the table. The most notable feature on a sheepshead is the teeth, which look eerily similar to our own, and nothing at all like the sharp teeth you […]

Top Inshore Fish Species Guide

While offshore fishing certainly has its advantages, if you are looking for fast action and lots of enjoyment on the water, you can’t go wrong with inshore fishing. Inshore fishing is any form of saltwater fishing that takes place in roughly 30 meters of water or less. It is shallower than offshore, and the fish, […]

Mini Yachts For Sale From Scout

If you want a luxury yacht, you might think you have to purchase a massive boat. However, there are many outstanding mini yachts for sale available from Scout. These crafts have all the luxuries you expect, but they come in a yacht that is more manageable, nimble, and enjoyable!

Small Yachts For Sale From Scout

If you want to enhance your enjoyment on the water but don’t want the hassle of a large cruiser, a small yacht might be perfect for your needs. With a full line of excellent vessels, Scout Boats has everything you need for fun and relaxation on the lakes, bays, and open ocean.

Cod Fishing Boats From Scout

Cod is a fun and interesting sport fish that gives anglers in coastal areas all across the country hours of fishing excitement. It’s not only fun to catch, but cod is also a healthy and tasty gamefish that makes excellent table fare. Of course, to catch cod, you need a great cod fishing boat. Here […]

Fly Fishing Boats From Scout

Scout Boats makes some of the finest offshore fishing vessels in the world, allowing you to access massive fish in deep water. But we also proudly make boats that are perfect for fly fishing, a sport that takes greater skill and patience than any other form of angling. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Flounder Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Few fish are as interesting as the flounder. These fish are downright strange looking, and while they may not be the most elegant fish in the water, they provide wonderful sport and are also popular as table fare. If you are thinking about fishing for flounder, make sure you have the right information, as well […]

Shark Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Shark fishing is one of the most exciting sports on the water. No other sport elicits thrills, interest, and adventure like shark fishing. And with a large diversity of species, there is a shark to be caught in virtually all types of waters. Of course, you’ll need a great boat to get it done. Here […]

Trout Fishing Boats for Sale from Scout

Trout fishing is a wonderful sport, creating new challenges for anglers of all experience levels. You can certainly wade for stream trout, but if you want to catch a trout with hefty size, such as a lake trout, you’re going to need the right boat. Here are some of the best trout fishing boats for […]

Tarpon Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Strong, powerful, and surprisingly athletic, the tarpon is one of the most impressive animals in the water. While this fish in not highly prized for table fare, it remains an exciting sportfish that has thrilled anglers for decades. Pursuing the prehistoric tarpon is endlessly fun, but it takes dedication and knowledge. It also takes a […]

Deep V Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout Boats

If you want a smooth ride in rough water, you can’t go wrong with a deep-V fishing boat. These boats allow you to cruise from the dock to the perfect fishing destination with comfort and ease, creating a better fishing experience for you and your family.

What Fishing Boat Accessories Should You Add?

Choosing the right fishing features can make a big difference in the enjoyment and quality of your boat. With the right accessories, you can have a boat that keeps you happy for years. So what fishing boat accessories should you add to your boat? Here are a few ideas.

Top Tuna Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Tuna fishing is one of the most enjoyable yet challenging sports on the water. Hauling in large tuna is both exciting and can bring in some of the most appetizing seafood around. This sport, however, takes unbending patience, so having the right boat can make a big difference between success and failure. In this post, […]

Luxury Power Boats From Scout

The term “power boat” can be applied to virtually any watercraft that is propelled by a motor of some kind. A large offshore yacht could obviously be considered a power boat, but so could a canoe with an attached trolling motor. However, when people use this term, it generally applies to a medium-sized boat that […]

Tips For Buying Your First Boat

Buying a boat is a lot like purchasing a home. If you choose the wrong one, it can lead to frustration. When done right, it can be a dream come true. This is especially true when you are buying your first boat. Sure, you may have grown up on the water and you may have […]

How To Get A Boating License

Safety is important for everyone on the water. Some states require a boating license for anyone operating a vessel. If you are headed for the lakes, rivers, and bays, it’s crucial that you verify whether or not you need a license. To help make the process easy, here’s some info on how to get a […]

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

If you are purchasing a boat, you should seriously consider boat insurance. While it may not be required, boat insurance provides financial support is certain situations, and can also give you greater peace-of-mind when you take to the water.

Best Party Boats From Scout

If you want to enjoy a good time on the water, Scout has the boat you need. We have a full selection of top-notch boats, including many options that make perfect party boats. You’ll enjoy luxury, space, comfort, and technology when you travel in a world-class boat from Scout. Explore our lineup below for some […]

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Boat?

When is the best time to buy a boat? Each season has its own advantages, but understanding the different seasons for boat-buying can help you find a better deal. Whether you are buying in the height of summer or the chill of winter, knowing how the different seasons affect boat sales can improve your overall […]

What To Know Before Buying A Boat

If you are thinking of purchasing a boat, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge. From dealing with emergencies to reading the tides, here’s what to know before buying a boat.

What Do You Need To Own A Boat?

Boat ownership is a great way to improve your life, but it may not be as simple as you thought. Before you make a purchase, get familiar with what you need to own a boat. With this information, you can make a smart purchase and enjoy years of boating with less worry and less hassle!

How To Choose The Right Boat For You

Owning a boat is one of the true pleasures in life. Whether you are fishing, skiing, or simply cruising around the bay, being on the water seems to melt your stress and worries away. The only real question is which boat you should buy? This is where is can get complex, as each person has […]

Should I Buy A New Or Used Boat?

Buying a boat can be tough. You have to decide on the right size, the right features, and the right price for your budget. In many cases, people will choose a used boat over new. While there is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a quality used boat, this may not be the right choice for […]

Our Best Value Center Console Boat

At Scout Boats, we take pride in creating some of the finest vessels you can find on the water. We use advanced hulls that are created in-house by our professional development and engineering team, we install high-quality materials that bring comfort and relaxation, and we make sure to include top-quality fishing features so you can […]

What To Look For In The Best Fishing Boats For A Family

Owning your own boat: it’s been your dream since you graduated high school and left home. You couldn’t wait until that day when you had a good job and strong savings so you could purchase the exact boat you want, with all the fishing features needed for a successful outing. You’re finally in a position […]

Best Freshwater Fishing Boats From Scout

If you are interested in freshwater fishing, you need the right boat. Make sure you have a craft that can handle lakes and rivers by choosing one of the best freshwater fishing boats from Scout. With a full selection of top-quality crafts, we have the right boat to match your freshwater needs!

River Fishing Boats From Scout

River fishing brings a unique variety of excitement, seclusion, and beauty that is different from many other forms of fishing. While offshore saltwater fishing has massive trophies, and lake fishing has the undeniable appeal of a summer vacation, there’s something about the unpredictable nature of moving water that brings an unexpected level of interest. Somehow, […]

High-End Fishing Boats From Scout: What We Do Differently

The people at Scout Boats are truly passionate about creating a world-class boating experience. From initial design to the construction process to customer service, we do things differently, creating high-end fishing boats that are a true joy from the dealership to the water.

Top Small Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Looking for a boat that can help you fish in nearshore locations, lakes, rivers, and tributaries? Then check out these small fishing boats for sale from Scout. We have lots of options, so let’s look at a few of the most important aspects of a small fishing boat, as well as the best choices.

Luxury Fishing Yachts From Scout Boats

There are many luxury fishing yachts on the water, but Scout Boats has some of the best features, materials, and engineering you will ever see. These vessels adhere to a higher standard of boating, so let’s look at a few of our most popular models.

How Does Boat Financing Work? A Simple Guide

If you were shopping for a boat 30 years ago, you may have had a hard time finding financing for your boat. However, when you look for a boat today, you can easily find a lender who will help you get affordable terms for a boat loan. So how does boat financing work? Here’s what […]

Top 10 Fishing Boats From Scout Boats

Every boat in the Scout lineup is exceptional, but here are our top 10 fishing boats for your enjoyment!

Center Console Offshore Boats For Sale From Scout Boats

There are many fishing boats to choose from, but these are a few of the most impressive models you can find! Check out the center console offshore boats for sale from Scout Boats!

What To Look For In The Best Center Console Boat Brands

There are hundreds of boat brands on the market, so how can you possibly know which one is right for your needs? If you take the time to learn about each one, it becomes clear what the best center console boat brands are. Be sure to look for these qualities in a boat brand before […]

The Scout 320 LXF: An Incredible 32-Foot Fishing Boat

Sleek, sharp, and sexy, the 320 LXF is the perfect example of Scout’s dedication to comfort, luxury, and advanced engineering. From front to back, this 32 foot fishing boat is loaded with refinement, including top-quality materials, abundant fishing features, and a hull that creates one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience. We are extremely […]

Center Console Saltwater Fishing Boats From Scout

There’s something magical about saltwater fishing. Not to take anything away from the rustic beauty freshwater lakes and rivers, but saltwater fishing, with crystal-blue waters, colorful species, and massive trophies, can capture your heart like no other outdoor sport. To fully enjoy the beauty of the ocean, you need the right vessel. For most people, […]

The Scout 420 LXF – A Luxury 40 Foot Fishing Boat

You deserve one of the finest fishing boats available. The Scout 420 LXF is an amazing 40 foot fishing boat that will make you proud to be on the water.

Our Best Offshore Fishing Boats

  Ready to go offshore fishing? Then you need to have the right boat for the job. You need size, performance, and comfort. Above all, you need the right fishing features to make your trip a success. With a full supply of excellent fishing vessels, Scout Boats has exactly what you need for memorable excursions. […]

Our Best Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

If you ask about ocean fishing, most people will tell you: you need a large boat, something 35-feet or longer. But thanks to the incredible research and development department at Scout, you can have a small boat and still go fishing on the ocean. So what’s the best small boat for ocean fishing? We have […]

Fast Fishing Boats From Scout

We don’t mean to brag, but every boat in our lineup has both speed and acceleration. Our innovative, specifically designed hulls and top-quality engines make for the very best in fast fishing boats. From our largest boat to our smallest vessel, we create boats that swiftly cruise across the water, giving you a smooth ride […]

Our Best Center Console Boats Under 25 Feet

A center console boat is perfect for people who want a little bit of everything. Outside of deep sea fishing, center console boats under 25 feet can handle just about any task. You can take people fishing in shallow intertidal areas, bays, and nearshore locations. You can load up the group and have dinner at […]

How To Deep Sea Fish

Deep sea fishing is not for the casual angler. While you don’t have to be a seasoned fishing expert, deep sea fishing calls for a level of knowledge, attention to detail, and patience that other forms of fishing don’t require. However, learning how to deep sea fish involves more than the proper know-how. If you’re […]

What The Best Fishing Boat Companies Do Differently

What makes an exceptional boat company? What do some boat manufacturers do that others don’t? As you’ll see, there are many different details that the best fishing boat companies do differently. From creating their own hulls to improving the deck with high-quality materials, there’s a reason why some boat companies are consistently at the top. […]

Small Saltwater Boats From Scout Boats

Saltwater boating is an incredible experience, but to get the most from this activity, you need to have the right boat. To get the most enjoyment from your small saltwater boat, you need to make sure it has the right features. Here’s what to look for in the best small saltwater boats and a few […]

Best Flats Fishing Boats From Scout

When most of us think about saltwater fishing, we think of offshore adventures targeting massive species like marlin and tuna. We think of large waves, big boats, and no land in sight. But there’s more to saltwater fishing than just offshore excursions. The intertidal flats, for example, present fantastic fishing for a wide variety of […]

Should I Buy A Boat? 7 Things To Consider

Should I buy a boat? That’s a question many people ask themselves. Virtually everyone dreams of boat ownership, after all. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a vessel, here’s a guide to help you consider the important factors.

What to Look For In A Sea Fishing Boat

Sea fishing gives you a chance to escape the hassle of the everyday and enjoy open waters and warm weather. When the strike is on, it also allows you to enjoy fantastic fishing with the largest species around, such as tuna, shark, and billfish. However, to fully enjoy the open water, you need a high-quality […]

Best Bay Boats From Scout

Do you live near a bay that offers excellent fishing? Are you thinking about buying a bay boat but don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, Scout Boats has some of the finest crafts for boating and fishing in bays. Combining engineering precision and luxury features, these are some of the best bay boats […]

Fishing Power Boats From Scout

Looking for high quality fishing power boats? You’ve come to the right place. With a full lineup of world-class vessels, powered by some of the most reliable motors on the water, Scout Boats has everything you need for pure enjoyment on the water!

The 420 LXF: Our Biggest Center Console Boat

At Scout Boats, we are extremely proud of every single craft in our lineup. From dual-console models like the 275 Dorado, to nimble fishing boats like the 175 Sportfish, we put our hearts into every model that rolls out of our South Carolina factory. But we have to admit, there’s one boat in particular that […]

Comparing Fishing Boat Models: What Are The Differences?

When you start searching for a boat, you’ll likely find many terms that may not be familiar. To understand the various types of boat models, it’s essential that you understand these terms. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular fishing boat models. We hope this brief guide […]

Our Best Center Console Boats For a Family

Center console boats are excellent for many purposes. They are extremely popular among anglers, pleasure cruisers, and people who want to have unforgettable experiences with their families. With options that are great for anything from fishing to casual boating, here are some of our best center console boats for a family.

Scout Center Console Boats With A Cabin

Center console boats with a cabin provide a more luxurious and comfortable boating experience. The cabin allows you to escape the sun and gives the boat another level of space and quality. Here are some of the best from Scout!

3 Person Fishing Boats From Scout

Three is a great number for fishing. Solo fishing can be a little lonely: you want someone there to net the fish and share the excitement of a trophy catch. You also need someone to confirm your fish story! But large fishing groups can be cumbersome, clustered, and confusing. With large groups, you often spend […]

Fish and Ski Boats from Scout

There are two activities that most people enjoy when boating: fishing and skiing. Whether you’re casting a line, pulling skiers or jumping your own waves, Scout boats offer excellent performance for these popular summer activities! Check out these great fish and ski boats from Scout! Fish and Ski Boats: What Should You Have? Let’s face […]

Sport Fishing Yacht from Scout Boats – 420 LXF

There are many words that you can use to describe the 420 LXF, one of the most impressive sport fishing yachts available today. While comfort and refinement are certainly part of the boat’s character, this craft is more than a luxury cruiser. It’s an elite fishing boat that allows you to target the most challenging […]

Ocean Fishing Boats from Scout

Ocean fishing is one of the most rewarding yet challenging styles of angling. It requires a healthy dose of know-how, dedication and a hearty level of patience. When the bite is on, you’re in for a remarkable experience that will offer stories for a lifetime. If you’ve enjoyed this sport, you know that to perform […]

Our Best Dual Console Fishing Boats

  When most people think of saltwater fishing, they often think of center console boats. These crafts certainly have their advantages, but if you’re really looking for something spacious, relaxing, and comfortable fishing boats, you should give serious consideration to the dual console lineup from Scout. These boats have excellent versatility, allowing you to cruise […]

Saltwater Fishing Boats from Scout

Are you looking for a saltwater fishing boat that has all the right features, along with amenities that create a luxurious boating experience? Do you want to enjoy the world’s highest standard in saltwater boating? Then you need to check out these saltwater fishing boats from Scout!

Custom Sport Fishing Boats from Scout

  Scout wants to help you have a wonderful boating experience. That’s why we allow you to take any of our models and build a custom sport fishing boat to match your exact needs. But with so many options, how can you choose the right features? It all depends on how you plan to use […]

High-End Fishing Boats from Scout

  We are extremely proud of our high-end fishing boats. These vessels, which deliver a higher standard of quality and refinement, give boaters and anglers more options for cruising, fishing, and fun on the water! Here are a few great options from our lineup!

Two-Person Fishing Boats from Scout Boats

  Sometimes the best number for fishing is two. Fishing with three or more people can be a hassle. Someone will be late, the fishing can get crowded, and people will endlessly debate the best spots and the best tactics. It becomes an exercise in crowd management, not a focused fishing adventure. On the other […]

Scout Center Console Bay Boats

  If you live near open water, but don’t want the size of a large offshore fishing boat, a bay boat is one of your best options. These crafts are built specifically for bay and nearshore fishing. While they can handle offshore waters on a calm day, they are best in moderate waters, usually within […]

Scout’s Best Small Fishing Boats

It’s easy to assume that all great fishing boats are large. Chasing big offshore trophies like sailfish and marlin certainly calls for a big boat, but some of the best fishing happens in shallow waters, which requires a much smaller, lighter craft. While we are proud to offer large boats like the 420 LXF, we […]

Buying A Fishing Boat [Guide]

  Are you looking to buy a new fishing boat? Whether you are purchasing your first boat or you want more room and more power, you need to take your time and make the right choice. There are many options and styles to think about. This guide to buying a fishing boat can help you […]

Sport Fishing Boat Manufacturer: Scout Boats

Becoming a leader in the boating industry doesn’t happen by accident. As you’ll see from Scout’s history, as well as some of our top sport fishing boats, it takes dedication, resiliency, and precision to reach the top. Here’s some inside info on what makes us a leading sport fishing boat manufacturer. Our History Scout was […]

Building a Custom Fishing Boat with Scout

  Scout Boats is dedicated to creating boats that perfectly match your needs. While this means allowing you to add features that enhance your personal boating experience, it also means creating boats with industry leading standard features, such as a smooth ride, comfortable seating, and enhanced convenience. From this foundation, you can use our Build […]

New Center Console Fishing Boat from Scout: 380 LXF

  Scout Boats is continually developing new products for people who love fantastic luxury fishing crafts. The latest in our lineup is the 380 LXF. This new center console fishing boat offers the ultimate in comfort, size, performance, and everything needed for true enjoyment on the water.

Best Luxury Sport Fishing Boats From Scout

  Fishing boats should be well crafted for (surprise!) fishing. But that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice luxury. At Scout Boats, we make sure that everything we create is built to deliver fishing utility combined with unmatched comfort. Our boats are setting a new standard in the industry. Let’s take a look at […]

Top Bay Boats From Scout Boats

  Bay boats are extremely popular all across the country. By providing versatility, reliability, and comfort, bay boats meet the needs of both fresh and saltwater anglers. They are also great for skiing and water sports or simply cruising the water in leisurely style. If you are considering one of these crafts, take a look […]

What Size Boat Do You Need?

Are you trying to decide what size boat you need? Start with how you plan to use the craft. Here we’ll take a look at some basic types of boating to help you choose the right size for your needs.

Scout’s Best Sport Fishing Boats

Sport fishing boats are a top choice all across the country. From coastal waters to local rivers, these vessels allow anglers to reach specific destinations while maintaining a comfortable ride. At Scout, we take a particular pride in creating boats that meet the needs of highly-demanding anglers. These are a few of our best sport […]

Scout’s Best Coastal Fishing Boats

Are you looking for one of the best coastal fishing boats on the water? Do you want luxury features surrounded by world-class fishing amenities? Then you need to learn more about Scout’s best coastal fishing boats. With multiple layouts and a variety of sizes, we have the right craft to meet your needs.

Luxury Boat Brands: What to Look For, What to Expect

It takes more than plush vinyl and a high-tech fish finder to become a luxury boat brand. It takes years of hard work and dedication with a relentless pursuit of perfection. When you start shopping for a luxury fishing boat, start by choosing the right brand. And as you’ll see, there are a few important […]

Scout’s Best Inshore Fishing Boats

  Inshore fishing provides a unique combination of activity and excitement. While offshore fishing is undoubtedly the place for king-sized trophies and monster battles, inshore fishing is the best option if you want to catch multiple hard-fighting fish in a single day. To enjoy inshore fishing, you need the right boat. Fortunately, Scout has created […]

Scout’s Largest Fishing Boat: 420 LXF

  The 420 LXF is our largest fishing boat. This massive vessel provides a world-class boating experience full of luxury and refinement. You can spend weeks on the water fishing, enjoying the sun, and relaxing in the cabin, all while taking advantage of superior materials and luxury appointments. Excellence is in full swing with the […]

Amazing Luxury Yacht Tenders from Scout Boats

  Scout Boats offers some of the finest reliability and performance on the water. These vessels, which are extremely reliable as fishing and cruising boats, also make some of the best yacht tenders imaginable. Scout Boats are comfortable, luxurious, and reliable—exactly what you expect from a luxury yacht tender. These boats are incredibly reliable, stunning, […]

Boat Warranties: What to Look For

  Without a boat warranty (or without a good warranty), boat ownership can be an expensive hassle. With a quality warranty, however, owning a boat is exactly what it should be: carefree, enjoyable, and relaxing. Do you know what to look for in a boat warranty? Are you aware of the various aspects and how […]

New Fishing & Bay Boats in the 2017 Scout Lineup

  Scout is bringing more innovation and ingenuity to the water with two fantastic additions to the 2017 lineup. While boats like the 420 LFX and 175 Sport Dorado display our prowess for design and engineering, we are never content. At any given time, our research and development department is creating multiple vessels for future […]

Join us at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show

Scout is thrilled to join the 2016 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show Thursday, December 1-Sunday, December 4! We’ll be showing off our lineup of top-quality luxury fishing boats, giving anglers and boaters from all over the area the chance to see our crafts up close and personal. Come find us at water spaces 613-615!

3 Incredible Offshore Fishing Boats

Scout makes some of the most incredible boats you can imagine. With meticulously-designed hulls, these vessels can smoothly cut through heavy, hard-hitting chop. They give you all the accessories you need for hours of comfort, while allowing you to catch the most challenging and exciting fish in the water. We are immensely proud of our […]

Shallow Water Fishing Boats: Considerations for Buying

  When many people think of saltwater angling, they often think of open-ocean fishing from large vessels. They think of 1,000-pound tuna being heaved out of the water by salty skippers. They think of crashing waves rocking massive boats will deep hulls. But not all saltwater fishing is deep-water fishing. Like freshwater, some of the […]

Scout’s Best Boats for Saltwater Fishing

When researching the best boats for saltwater fishing, Scout quickly becomes a top choice. Inside and out, front to back, top to bottom, our boats are designed and built to a higher standard. We use hulls that were created by our in-house design team. We use upholstery materials that resist staining and fading. We implement […]

Buying Bay Fishing Boats: What to Look For

Bay fishing boats like the Scout 251 XS and 231 XS are highly-functional vessels that allow you to cruise through deeper water while fishing in shallow, tighter areas. In most cases, a bay boat will have a relatively deep hull and provide a smooth, consistent ride across the water. They have a dry ride yet […]

The Difference of a World Class Fishing Boat

When you are looking for a world class fishing boat, you can’t get any better than Scout.  While other boats will simply get you on the water, our crafts will ensure a superior boating experience. Here are a few reasons Scout Boats blow the competition out of the water.

Scout’s Best 19’ Boats: The 195 Sportfish

Choosing a properly sized boat might seem like a challenge. There are so many options available today that finding the perfect craft for maneuverability and group comfort can seem daunting. One of the most popular sizes is a 19’ boat. At 19’, a boat can handle shallow and narrow channels while still being able to […]

Dual Console vs Center Console Boats: Sport Fishing

If you’ve decided to purchase a luxury boat, congratulations are in order. You’ve made a decision that will enhance your lifestyle, help you bond with family, and give you a hobby that you’ll enjoy for years. Deciding to buy a boat is easy. Deciding on what type of boat, however, is the hard part. When it […]

5 Ways a Luxury Fishing Boat Will Enhance Your Angling

  Any boat will get you out on the water and give you a chance to fish. A luxury fishing boat, however, does so much more. With a luxury fishing boat, your angling is enhanced, giving you more chances to have a successful day on the water. You’ll get to a fishing spot quickly, have […]

The Making of a Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer with a strong history of excellence and innovation. Since its initial founding by Steve Potts in the 1980s, Scout Boats has made continually evolved to keep up with demands and to better serve the boating community. The guiding principle of Scout’s refined, unwavering excellence, however, has remained unchanged. […]

Our Best Center-Console Sport Fishing Boats

We take pride in building only top-quality boats. As a leader in boat design and construction, Scout Boats has a complete lineup of excellent crafts, including world-class center-console sport fishing boats. While every boat we create is exceptional, we’d like to give you a closer look at a few of our best center-console sport fishing […]

World-Class Fishing Boats from Scout Boats

Scout Boats does not use the term “world-class fishing boats” lightly or vaguely. Everything we do, from design to manufacturing to sales, keeps us among the best in the world and promotes a standard of excellence. To prove this point, let’s take a look at five luxury fishing boats from Scout Boats and what makes […]

Scout Boats Featuring Yamaha Promotions

Luxury fishing boats require superior designs and materials—but they also need an engine that can give them rapid acceleration and superior top-end speed. With the right outboard motor, your bay boat will get the most from its intelligent engineering. At Scout Boats, we make sure to provide powerful, dependable engines that give our vessels a […]

Inshore Offshore Boats: Essential for Charleston, SC Fishing

Charleston, South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, and this is largely due to the wide variety of fishing options. With everything from freshwater rivers to deep blue oceans, the Charleston areas gives a local angler everything they could dream of. To truly get the most from fishing the Charleston area, […]

Why Buy a Dual Console Boat?

Dual console boats are some of the most popular on the water. Offering comfort, convenience, and space, these boats have a place on lakes, bays, and open oceans. If you are trying to decide on a dual console boat, make sure you understand the advantages of these vessels, as well as the available options within […]

Designing Our Most Fuel Efficient Boats

  Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when buying a new boat. By using less fuel, you can take longer trips and get more enjoyment from every dollar you put into the gas tank. While efficiency might seem like something only car buyers are concerned about, it’s actually an important part of purchasing a boat […]

Online Boat Customizer: Maximize Your Boat’s Potential

  If you are making a large purchase like a vehicle or house, you need to take your time so you can make the perfect choice. You are investing a lot of money on an item you’ll have for a long time, so you deserve to search through all of the available options to find […]

Customize Your Bay Boat with These Essential Upgrades

  Even without upgrades, Scout boats are some of the finest boats on the water. However, with a few additions, you can increase your boat’s value and enhance your overall personal enjoyment. Scout offers a range of upgrades that you can add to your boat, encompassing enhanced performance, fishing, water sports and more, all to help […]

Boat Registration for Your New Craft

  Like cars and trucks, boats need proper registration to go on the water. This registration helps each state maintain quality waters, enhance safety, and ensure excellent boating for future generations. No matter what type of boat you are buying, you should understand boat registration and why it’s important.

Test Driving a Boat: What to Look for, What to Ask

  When you purchase a car or truck, you take it for a nice long test drive, making sure it has comfortable seating, a smooth ride, and all the right amenities. Shouldn’t you do the same for your boats? When you properly test a boat, you are ensuring you take home a craft that accommodates […]

Boater’s Safety Certification: The Importance of Education

  Boating is one of the best activities for anyone who enjoys being outside. Unfortunately, boating can also be dangerous if certain precautions are not followed. With the right training and knowledge, however, boating can be a safe, enjoyable hobby for many people. One of the ways to increase boating safety is to become certified […]

195 Sportfish: Fuel Efficient Boat that’s Fast & Comfortable

  If you are looking for a medium-sized, versatile fishing boat that you can use in salt or freshwater, the 195 Sportfish may be perfect for your needs. This boat has all the features you expect from a luxury fishing boat, plus the fuel-efficiency you’ll need for a full day of exceptional boating.

Finding the Best Hull Design for Your Needs

The hull of your boat is one of the most important design features. When it comes to performance, efficiency, smoothness, and stability, everything is riding on the hull. Whether you’re a nautical expert or you’re considering your first boat, understanding the basics of hull design and the value of a top-quality hull is very important. […]

Versatile 17 Foot Boat: 175 Sportfish

If you are looking for an incredible 17 foot boat that you can use for fishing, cruising, and all of your water sports, the 175 Sportfish is a great option. With a lighter profile and smaller size, it is able to handle shallow waters while you explore remote, hard-to-reach destinations. It has comfort, convenience, and […]

Why Buy A Fiberglass Boat?

We take pride in using the best possible materials on all Scout Boats. This includes premium vinyl on the seats, whale board for holding screws tight, and superior gel coat for an outstanding finish. One of the most important materials used on a Scout is fiberglass. It might not sound as sexy and appealing as […]

275 Dorado: Perfect for the Family

The Scout 275 Dorado is one of the best boats for families. With plenty of space, a convenient, comfortable layout, and family-friendly features, the 275 Dorado is excellent for cruising the water for a couple hours or an entire day. Thanks to an innovative design and advanced boating technology, this boat will make everyone in your […]

Fantastic Areas in the US Every Boat Owner Should Visit

In our last article, we wrote about great international destinations for people who love boating and fishing. These areas offer a unique way to experience new cultures, lifestyles, and fishing. But what if you want to vacation a little closer to home? What if you want something within a day’s drive; a place you can […]

Great International Fishing Spots To Bring Your Boat

Are you tired of fishing your same fishing spot over and over? Would you like to try your luck in new waters while experiencing vibrant and interesting cultures? Then travel to one of these amazing international fishing destinations…  

Bay Boats: Nearshore Fishing Versatility

At Scout Boats, we are proud to make some of the finest vessels you can spot on the water. We put years of engineering, design, and a passion for boating into each and every product we build. Our full selection includes multiple lines of boats like the Dorado and LXF models. Another line is our Bay […]

Sun Protection Tips: How To Protect Your Skin

Boating is one of the true pleasures in life. It’s a great chance to gather with friends and family, enjoy some fresh air, and unwind from the everyday stresses of work. At Scout Boats, we really can’t image life without boating. But any boater can tell you, if you’re going to go out on the […]

Southeastern Saltwater Fishing: Top Species that You Can Target

Scout boats are made for anglers. Yes, they are great for cruising the water, relaxing on the deck, or visiting shoreline restaurants, but their true purpose is casting a line. These luxury fishing boats have all the modern conveniences of a top-end European car, but they also have everything an angler could need, including live-wells, […]

11 Essential Apps for Boaters and Anglers

Want to add convenience and simplicity to your boating? Are you looking for quick access to vital information, or simply want to learn more about the fish you love to catch? Then use these 11 apps and your boating will be safer, smarter, and more enjoyable than ever…  

We Are Proud to Work with the Finest Partners

At Scout, we are proud to work with some of the finest partners you could ask for. Whether it’s a company that provides superior products for our boats or an organization that improves the local community, we believe we have the best partners a business could ask for! Yamaha:  We are thrilled to mount Yamaha […]

Boat Vinyl Upholstery & Paint Color Options for your Scout

At Scout Boats, we believe that boating should be a unique, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. The boat you drive should not only give you excellent performance and fantastic features, it should reflect your own personal style. Customization is extremely important to our boats. You’ll be able to choose a wide range of features that fit […]

Boating Electronics: Proper Boat Wiring

By its very definition, a high-quality luxury fishing boat demands superior technology. With our advanced electronic systems, we can create boats that use the latest technologies that you find anywhere on land. At Scout Boats, we believe that your lifestyle of quality and comfort should continue whether you’re on land or water, so we wire […]

Flats Fishing: Tips, Fish & Boats

Flats fishing is one of the most interesting, rewarding, and visually-stimulating ways to fish. With species that are as gorgeous as the scenery, fishing the flats allows you to enjoy a highly active form of angling. Many of the people at Scout Boats love fishing the flats, and we’d like to share some of the […]

Luxury Fishing Boats: Combining Angling & Comfort

Some boats are great for fishing. They have all the features you need for storing rods, organizing equipment, and keeping your catch. Other boats offer high-quality luxury, giving you comfort and convenience features that make cruising around the water a wonderful experience. With a Scout, however, you get the best of both. You have a […]

Preparing for the Boating Season

Spring is in the air and boating season is about to begin in full. At Scout Boats, we can’t wait for the warm weather and summer sun! You can’t just rush to the water though. Before you head out, use these simple steps to prepare yourself, your equipment, and your boat for the entire year. […]

Scout’s Dorado Series: Dual Consoles at Their Finest

At Scout, we take pride in creating amazing boats that deliver comfortable rides, luxurious materials, and outstanding performance. No matter which one you choose, our boats set a higher standard for excellence on the water. Take the Dorado series as an example. This line of stunning dual-console fishing boats uses advanced hull designs, world-class interior […]

Scout Boats are Worth the Price

At Scout, we understand that a boat, which most people use for recreation and weekend fun, can be a big-ticket item. With so much on the line, purchasing a boat is certainly not something you want to do carelessly. You need to take your time, be patient, and get all the information available. Like purchasing […]

Scout boat shows

Must See Boat Shows

Boat shows are a wonderful opportunity to take in the newest models and peruse the latest in boating technology. They’re also great for a day of water-related entertainment, giving any boater the total package. If you love boat shows, put these eight on your bucket list.

Stunning Scout Boats: Combining Art With Engineering

If you are purchasing a boat, you deserve to have something that not only performs perfectly, but also stands out visually from every other boat on the water. At Scout Boats, we take pride in crafting boat that looks great, not only in the showroom, but on the water. Our boats are made to look […]

How to Get More Fun Out of Boating in 2016

Are you looking for some fun and exciting boat activities for 2016? Are you ready for more than just cruising between the marina and the waterfront restaurants? Then you need to mix it up. You need to add new boating activities that few will try, but everyone will enjoy. From sports and games to new […]

Scout’s LXF Luxury Sportfish Series

There are many boats available today, but few offer the convenience, comfort, and luxury of Scout’s LXF sportfish series. These boats are the true identity of luxury fishing, so let’s take a look at why the LXF series from Scout is one of the most highly regarded names in the industry.

Tips for Making Time to Go Boating

Let’s face it, people are busy. Between your career, your social life, being a parent, and simply relaxing, it can be tough to find time for activities like boating. However, you bought a boat for the open water, not to sit in a garage or stay anchored at a marina. If you have a boat, […]

Scout Boats’ 2015 Year in Review

Scout Boats has a rich history of quality, performance, luxury, and reliability. 2015 was another successful year, with new models, expanding facilities, and more people added to the Scout family. It was an exciting year that was full of new and unique challenges, but thanks to our ingenuity, creativity, and high-quality team, we met these […]

9 Great Holiday Gifts for Boaters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the boater in your life? Have you bought them everything you can think of, and need a few ideas for this season? Then your friends at Scout Boats want to help. Since we are boaters ourselves, we know what boaters love! Here are a few ideas to […]

7 Saltwater Fish that are Great for Winter Anglers

Think winter is the time to put away your rods and store your boat? Think again. At Scout, we make fishing part of every boat we create, and we want to help you enjoy your vessel all year long. With that in mind, here are seven saltwater fish that you can target throughout the winter […]

How to Build Your Own Scout

Everyone has different needs, tastes, and preferences. This goes for food, cars, houses, hobbies, and clothing. It also goes for boats. You may need a small boat for fishing in intertidal areas. You may need a large boat for offshore adventures. Maybe you want to host family gatherings and need a boat that can accommodate […]

Tips for Winterizing Your Boat

For many people across the country, winter means taking their boats out of the water and putting it into storage for three or four months. The fishing, swimming, and boating season is over, and it’s time to get out the heavy jackets; maybe even the snow skis. If you are giving your boat a break […]

Marinas: What Every Boat Owner Needs to Know

Boating is one of the best experiences in life, but finding a place to store your boat can be a hassle. If you keep it at home, you need to haul it to the water and launch it every time you go out. You also have to load it up and find a place to […]

How to Use Your Fishfinder to Catch more Fish

For many anglers, fishing without a fishfinder is like driving without a steering wheel. Okay…maybe that example is a little extreme, but fishfinders are still important tools for anglers all over the country. From commercial fishermen who depend them to make a living to professional anglers who compete and win with their help, a fishfinder […]

What Boat Owners Should Know About Tides

Boaters need to consider many factors, including wind, current, and water depths. They also need to be knowledgeable about the tides. Anyone who wants to own a boat in a coastal region should have a strong understanding of the tidal changes. They can effect how you boat, how you fish, and where you can go, […]

What Every Boat Owner Should Know About Boat Insurance

Boating is an exciting way to enhance your lifestyle. It should be about fun, friends, and family, but sometimes you have to talk about the serious stuff. Boat insurance, for example, is one of those topics that might not be very exciting, but it’s something every boat owner should understand. With the right coverage, you […]

Offshore Fishing Tips from Scout

At Scout Boats, we love fishing. It’s part of our culture and one of the biggest reasons we started building boats in the first place. Offshore fishing is one of our favorite activities. When done right, it can be an addictive sport that brings the most impressive fish in the water. If you’re getting started in […]

Tips for Having a Better Boating Experience

  Let’s face it: boats are not a necessity. The fast majority of people don’t need a boat; they buy one because it makes them happy. It helps them bond with their family, escape the hustle-and-bustle of work, and relax for at least a few hours every time you want to take it out. Unless […]

Why a Scout Boat is the Perfect Yacht Tender

Scout Boats has a well-earned reputation for quality, performance, and comfort. Because of excellent designs and superior construction, Scout has become of the most popular brands to use as a yacht tender. A tender is a smaller boat that is used as a transport for yachts. These boats need to be reliable and versatile, and […]

Dual Console Boat

Dual Console Boats

If you are considering buying a boat, you have a lot of decisions to make. What size do you need? How much power should it have? What features do you want?

Boat at sunset

Boating in the Fall

Fall is a great time of year for boaters. As the tourists and weekend warriors pack things up for the season, you can have the water all to yourself. The changes in weather not only free up the lakes and coastal areas, they also trigger movement in fish populations, resulting in reliable catches from many species.

Luxury Boat

Luxury Fishing Boats

At Scout, our entire team is dedicated to creating world-class luxury fishing boats that meet the needs of individuals who demand more from life. We believe a boat should not just give you access to the best fishing waters; it should enhance your lifestyle through luxury, comfort, and style.

bay boat

Bay Boats from Scout

“Bay boat” is a loose term to describe smaller boats that are designed for fishing near shores and around bays and inlets. They have higher sides and slightly deeper hulls compared to boats made specifically for shallow flats, but they are capable of handling shallow water while maintaining stability and safety in choppier seas. Most […]

Center Console Boat

Advantages of Center Console Boats

Center console boats are a popular choice for off shore boating, fishing, and cruising around the lake.

line of boats

The Best Sport Fishing Boats Come From Scout

If you are looking for the most impressive sport fishing boat on the water, you need to check out the full lineup from Scout. Our staff is comprised of many different people with numerous skills and specialties, but one thing that brings us all together is fishing. Almost all of us love fishing, and we put this passion into the boats we create.

420 lxf

Scout Innovations: What You Can’t See

You can tell just by looking at it that Scout Boats creates exceptional boats. It has designs that are meticulously crafted by our experts. It has top-of-the-line upholstery materials that are elegant, durable, and comfortable. It has a cabin that was designed to give the driver comfort and convenience. Take one look, and it’s obvious that these are state-of-the-art fishing boats.

Scout’s Meticulous Attention to Detail

Legendary coach John Wooden was famous for making is players focus on the small elements of basketball. He won ten NCAA titles in 12 years.

12 Essential Items to Keep on Your Boat

Now that you have the perfect boat, you need to keep all the necessary items onboard to ensure everyone is safe and happy on the water.

Tips for Boating With Your Dog

For most dog owners, the canine friend is more than a pet; he’s a member of the family. Many people feel that life is just more fun with a dog around, so taking them out on the water seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.

Creating Excellence in a World Class Facility

Scout Boats is proud to be a leader in the fishing boat industry. We create some of the finest vessels on the water, delivering comfort, performance, and luxury to docks all over America.

Uncompromising Quality

Scout: A History of Uncompromising Quality

Scout Boats is one of the most successful boating companies in the world. This statement doesn’t come from sales numbers or profit margins; it comes from quality products, outstanding service, and an uncompromising culture of excellence. Through its history, Scout has maintained a commitment to doing things right and building a strong, high-integrity company. A World-Class […]

Scout Strata-Mounts: Extra Strength for More Power

An outboard boat motor can be large, heavy, and powerful. Not only will it put a lot of weight on the back or the boat, it will push a massive amount of force into the structure of the hull. For this reason, strong, reliable construction is essential, especially for larger boats that may be carrying three or four outboard motors for excessive amounts of power.

8 Tips for Boating with Kids

Boating is one of the great enjoyments in life, but if you plan on hitting the water with kids, you need to take some extra steps. Children have specific needs, so keep these eight tips in mind to keep your kids safe and happy on the water.

Scout Boats: A Culture of Excellence

Scout is world-renowned for creating top-quality boats that are comfortable, convenient, and innovative. It takes a special kind of business culture to reach such a reputation, so at Scout we have committed ourselves to creating a culture of excellence. Everything we do, from hiring employees, to manufacturing our boats, to working with our dealers, is done with the utmost dedication and pride.

How Radar Has Changed Fishing Forever

If you’re going offshore fishing, you’re going to need radar. What was once used only for war ships, it’s now one of the most important tools on many fishing boats.

Putting Only the Best into Your Boats

Nothing is more important than the materials used in your boat. You may have the best design in nautical history, but without good materials, the effort is wasted.

Scout’s Superior Design, Development, and Research Process

At Scout Boats, we take pride in creating unique, world-class boats that meet the needs of anglers and boaters of all experience levels. One of the reasons that Scout Boats stands out from the competition is our superior design, development, and research process. We strive to stay at the forefront of the industry, so at any given time we have four to six new boats going through research and development.

Tips for Taking Boat Out After Winter

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you probably put your boat in storage for the winter. Even warm areas like Florida, South Carolina, or California will see people put their boats away for the winter months.

Scout: The Right Boat for Your Family

If you are considering a boat for your family, you can’t go wrong with a Scout. Scout boats have plenty of options that will help you get the most enjoyment from your boating experience. We take the time to create high-quality boats that don’t just meet the needs of hardcore boaters, but also families who want to enjoy some quality time on the water.

Boating Safety Tips from Scout Boats

Boating is a wonderful activity for you and your family. But it can be dangerous, so you need to make sure you are keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Fuel-Efficient Boats Thanks to World-Class Hulls

At Scout boats, we take pride in creating high-quality boats that meet the needs of boaters all across the country. Part of what makes our boats so outstanding is the superior fuel-economy. We put meticulous time and effort into creating a hull that runs smoothly across the water, reducing drag and lifting the overall fuel-efficiency.

Scout Fishing Boats: Extensive Quality Control

Scout is proud to offer some of the finest fishing boats you can find on the water. We take our time to design, build, and complete boats that meet the highest standards for boaters and anglers all over the country.

Scout: The Right Fishing Boat for You

At Scout, we design our boats with the angler in mind. Everyone here loves fishing, so we understand what anglers are looking for in a luxury fishing boat. Throughout our design process, we are constantly taking into account how anglers will use our boats. We consider design styles, convenience features, and technology to make sure our boats meet the needs of any fishing adventure.

The Innovative Reverse-Shoebox Design of Scout Fishing Boats

When you are looking for a high-quality fishing boat that delivers long-term value and superior features, a boat from Scout is a great idea. Our boats are expertly designed and meticulously engineered, resulting is a product that gives you and your family years of enjoyment on the water.

Boat Building Techniques for Superior Sportfish Boats

When investing in a luxury fishing boat, you want a boat that features the most sophisticated build techniques and engineering. You want the best. Thanks to our meticulous build process, Scout creates some of the most superior sportfish boats on the water.

Scout 420 LXF: The New Standard for Luxury Fishing Boats

Scout is once again changing the boating industry with a new flagship sport fishing boat, the Scout 420 LXF. This incredible vessel delivers a level of comfort, space, and convenience that will rival any yacht on the water. And with Scout’s 100% hand-laid construction, top-quality materials, and advanced engineering, you know you’re getting a leader in luxury fishing boats.

The Yamaha Outboard Warranty: An Engine You Can Depend On

When you purchase a fishing boat, you’re buying something to enhance your happiness. You’re making the pleasure of boating, fishing, cruising, or simply being on the water with friends and family, a part of your lifestyle.

Scout: The World’s Best Sport Fishing Boats

Whether you are a professional angler or simply looking for one of the top fishing boats available, learn why Scout is a great choice.

Yacht Tender: A Luxurious Complement to Your Lifestyle

You’ll notice on the front of many of Scout’s center console boats, a nice, heavy-duty tow-eye. The reason why is about 50% of these boats are used as tenders for large yachts. In the industry, Scout Boats is known for being one of the best yacht tenders in the world– a major endorsement, considering that yacht tender captains put these boats to the test.

Best Luxury Center Console Fishing Boats – 255, 275, 300, 320, 350 LXF

The luxury center console fishing boat market has been fueled with dozens of manufactures over the past few years. Featuring limitless performance, passenger maneuverability, and room for all your gear and fish, luxury center console boats provide the best overall vessel for practically all applications.

Build a Boat Online with the Scout Customizer

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the making the most of an investment. For example, if my wife is planning another vacation, we usually take a few minutes to see what major activities or attractions we plan on partaking in and iron out the details a little later on. Furthermore, when we decided to purchase our last vehicle, we took our time building one online by picking out our desired color, trim, and options.

Luxury Center Consoles: Expertly Crafted from Foundation to Finish

While Scout boats feature a perfect finish, they all start with expertly engineered foundations. Top quality construction, wiring, drainage, and power are just some of the fundamentals that make Scout Boats a leader in the sport fishing industry.

World Class Fishing Boats: Scout Boat’s Special Features

Each Scout boat is built with the highest attention to detail and features state-of-the-art innovations that adhere to a rigorous quality control process. Here are just a few of the factors that make Scout Boats world class fishing boats.

Scout Boats Expands

Scout Boats has been building award winning sport-fishing boats for over two decades and has earned a reputation for cutting edge design and quality. In May, Scout Boats announced that it is expanding its facility in Dorchester County, South Carolina. This expansion comes years after Scout introduced boats with a reverse-shoebox hull/deck design in order to increase the overall strength of the hull and improve safety.

Strictly Boaters Boat Show 2014

Last weekend, South Jersey Marina hosted its fourth annual Strictly Boaters Boat Show, which features regional manufacturers, dealers and companies that produce boats and related services used in New Jersey. The boat show has been successful even though it was launched in 2009 during the nation’s recession. Boat enthusiasts and designers from across the country have flocked to New Jersey to sell and purchase a wide array of products.

El Nino Brings Great Opportunities for Sport Fishers

El Nino, which is the name of a current that warms the surface of the Pacific Ocean and causes significant weather changes, is a great opportunity for sport fishers to practice their skills. The oceanic phenomenon is well known for driving unique fish to the shorelines of California, including an increase in the number of albacore.

Saltwater Sportfishing Recognized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

April 2014 — The Fisheries Department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that it was going to develop a national recreational fishing policy during the Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit in 2014. The NOAA is responsible for managing marine species, especially from those who target them for consumption.

Increase Access to Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing has become an impressive industry complete with advancements in boating and navigation technology. In 2011, the National Marine Fisheries Service estimates that Americans spent $27 million on fishing-related goods, including both goods and services. Similarly, in 2011 saltwater anglers generated over $70 billion in economic output. Fishing, including boating and tackle, has become an increasingly important industry and is continuing to expand.

De-Winterizing Your Boat

It’s important to take proper seasonal care of your boat, whether you have purchased through Scout Boats or elsewhere. In the winter, people are often knowledgeable about preparing their boat for the long cold season ahead; however, after the first rays of sun people often forget about properly preparing their boat for the long season of use that is ahead.

2014 North American Windsurfing Championship

On February 20th, 2014 the 2014 North American Windsurfing Championship took place in Cancun, Mexico with over fifty-six competitors from eight different countries, including Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America.

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