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How To Get Your Boat Ready For Summer

After a long winter of sitting idle in a storage unit, your boat can’t just go straight to the water. Spend a weekend preparing your boat, and you’ll have more fun all
summer long. With these tips, you can get your boat ready for summer in a flash!

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Visually Inspect the Hull and Deck

After you take your boat out of storage, the first step should be a thorough visual inspection. If you have used a canvas or tarp to cover the boat, check it for tears. Look over the hull to see if there are any scratches or dents, then inspect the deck to see if there is any obvious damage. Look over every inch with meticulous care, and check all screws and bolts to ensure they are tight.

Check the Engine, Battery, and Other Mechanical Parts (Or Have Them Checked)

Your boat should have been properly winterized, so you now need to “de-winterize” to make sure it is ready for the water. Check the oil, filter, and battery to ensure everything is in top condition. It may be a good time to install a new battery, especially if the current one is over two years old. While they last longer, it’s comforting to have a fresh battery when you are miles from the dock.

Inspect the Pumps and Drains

The well will need to be properly inspected to make sure all hoses are secure and belts and cables are not brittle. One of the most important tasks is to check the bilge pump to make sure it is working properly. You will also want to check the drain plug on all the wells and test the pumps that drive water to these wells.

Verify Proper Registration, Life Jackets, Fire Extinguisher, Radio, and Other Necessities

Safety is crucial on your boat, so you need to make sure you have all the legal requirements. Although not tied to safety, you should first make sure all registration and permits are up-to-date. Then go through the boat to make sure all safety equipment is onboard, including enough lifejackets, a working radio, and a fire extinguisher. Don’t forget that fire extinguishers expire, so you may need to have it recharged or replaced.

Check the Trailer

If you pull your boat, you should give the trailer a full examination. Make sure all the rollers and pads are in top shape, and lubricate the wheel bearings and trailer jack. Test the lights to make sure turn signals and brake lights function properly, and check the brake fluid. The tongue and safety chain should also be inspected to make sure they will hold strong.

Start the Engine Before Heading to the Water

You may have a problem starting the engine, especially right out of storage, so it’s always best to water test the boat on your driveway before heading out.

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