Essential Inshore Fishing Techniques

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Inshore fishing is a fun and exciting sport. While it may not offer the massive trophies of offshore fishing, you can almost always expect a higher catch rate. Plus, with these essential inshore fishing techniques, you’ll have even more success every time you go out on the water.

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Catch Your Own Live Bait

One of the most crucial techniques for inshore fishing is catching your own bait. If you’re going to spend the day fishing, it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Fresh bait is much more likely to attract bigger catches!

Add Flash to Your Artificial Lures

Many inshore species respond to artificial lures as well as live bait. If you are using artificial lures, it may be worth your time to add a little extra flash to your tackle. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to find bright and flashy skirts or other accessories that can be added to your lures. These will increase the visibility and possibly the success rate of your lures.

Fly Fishing for Subtle Presentation

Sometimes when inshore fishing, you need a quiet, subtle technique. In this case, you should try fly fishing. If you’ve ever been fly fishing, you know that it can be a tricky skill to get down. However, if you master this art, you can place the right lure in the path of some of the most sought-after fish, including bonefish. 

“Match the Hatch” With Your Lures

There is a technique for lure selection called “match the hatch,” which is usually used for trout fishing in streams. However, this technique can be used for inshore fishing as well. Essentially, you want to select lures that match what your fish is eating. For example, if the fish are currently feeding on shrimp, choose lures that mimic shrimp.

Practice “Sight Casting”

When fishing in murky water where you can’t see if there are any fish, you basically cast to all possible locations, as you never know where a fish may be hiding. In clear water, however, you should practice “sight casting.” You do this by casting a lure directly to a visible fish. This technique not only requires accuracy and aim, but it also requires a quiet, gentle approach so you don’t scare off the fish.

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