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Best Center Console Boats Under 30 Feet From Scout

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Center console boats are a wonderful option for anglers and boating enthusiasts all across the country. While many center console boats are larger, often measuring over 40 feet, vessels under 30 feet give greater convenience and maneuverability. Here are some of the best center console boats under 30 feet from Scout.

What To Look For

If you are looking for a small to medium-sized center console boat, these are the features you will likely want:

  • Fishing Features. A center console boat should have plenty of fishing features, including rod storage and a live well. Spacious casting room is also important.
  • Luxury Features. You don’t need a massive boat to have luxury on the water. Look for a boat that has excellent materials, technology, and comfort for you and your guests.
  • Shallow Draft. One of the advantages of having a smaller boat is that you can reach shallow fishing destinations that other boats can’t access. Make sure you have a craft with a shallow draft so you maintain access to remote fishing locations.

Featured Models

If you want luxury combined with the best fishing features on a craft under 30 feet, these boats from Scout will meet your needs.

255 LXF

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The 255 LXF is roughly 25.5 feet in length, giving it excellent maneuverability while allowing for a wealth of luxury and convenience features. It can give you enjoyment on open waters, and with a draft of only 19 inches, it can access remote fishing destinations that are untouched by other anglers. With a 220-quart fish box, this boat is ready for practically any fishing adventure.

235 XSF

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As a center console boat, this craft is ready for a wide range of expeditions on the water, including fishing excursions or leisurely cruising. This boat sets a high standard for family-friendly boating. It has a sleek appearance, yet maintains power and space for you and your group. Thanks to conveniences and luxury, everyone will have a great time while riding in this center console boat. If you want a boat with numerous features, this is the craft for you.

275 LXF

Center Consoles for Families

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This boat has a huge variety of innovative features, making it a top-quality center console boat. For example, the wave gate folds all the way down to the deck, creating superior convenience while you are out on the water or loading and unloading passengers. It also has a wide range of optional features, including a grill and wet bar, which will make your boating experience even more enjoyable. With style, performance, and luxury, this boat is perfect for anglers or people who simply enjoy being on the water.

Find the Right Boat for Your Needs

You can have an outstanding boat, and Scout can help make it happen. Contact one of our excellent dealers to get the service you deserve and find the boat you want.

From large boats to small fishing vessels, Scout Boats has everything you need!

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