Best Boats For Beginners From Scout

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Boating is a wonderful hobby that virtually anyone, from experienced mariners to land-locked novices, can enjoy. In this post, we’ll walk you through what to look for in the best boats for beginners and highlight some of the top models from Scout Boats.

What To Look For

If you’re just starting in boating, you need to choose the right craft for your needs. With that in mind, we would suggest you look for three specific qualities from your boat: moderate size, manageable power, and a moderate price.

  • Moderate Size. You didn’t learn to drive behind the wheel of a massive semi-truck. Neither should you learn to pilot a boat on a large offshore vessel.
  • Manageable Power. You likely didn’t learn to drive in an overpowered muscle car. Likewise, learning to boat with a jet-powered racing craft may not be the best place to start.
  • Moderate Price. While boating is certainly enjoyable for all, some people don’t like it as much as others, and that’s okay. We would suggest choosing a moderately priced boat to see if ownership is right for you. If you find that you absolutely love boating, then you can always step into a more expensive, faster, and larger craft!

Beginner Boats From Scout

Here are some of the best boats for beginners in the Scout Boats lineup!

210 Dorado

210 dorado

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At 21 feet in length, the 210 Dorado is a manageable dual-console boat that can handle a wide variety of waters, ranging from shallow flats to large lakes and bays. Features include flush-mount rod holders, dual swim platforms, and Bay Star hydraulic steering. Equipped with a 150-horsepower motor (standard), the boat gives you plenty of power but also maintains a level of manageable performance. It also has plenty of room for up to eight people, so your first boat can be enjoyed by your friends and family.

231 XS

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If you want an elite fishing craft as your first boat, the 231 XS is a great option. It can get you to the best fishing spots in a hurry, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with power. At about 23 feet in length, it can easily be handled in crowded marinas and bays, and it gives plenty of technology including Bluetooth speakers and Sea Star hydraulic steering. With fishing features as well as comfort and versatility, this is a wonderful family boat that can also deliver a superior fishing experience.

195 Sportfish

195 sportfish

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While this is one of the smaller boats in our lineup (but certainly not the smallest), this craft gives you outstanding comfort and an enjoyable ride. The hull was created by our own experts, so it meets a higher standard for performance and efficiency. With a 150-horsepower Yamaha motor, the craft propels across the water with ease but still allows for manageable performance. Standard features include rod holders, a swim platform, bait well, and stern jump seats, allowing you to have everything you need without increasing the price through optional equipment.

Find the Perfect Boat for All Experience Levels

These are just a few of the boats from Scout. If you want help choosing the right craft for your needs and experience level, contact our staff today. We’ll explain all the features and characteristics of any model so you can make the right choice for your first boat!