Best Bay Boats From Scout

Do you live near a bay that offers excellent fishing? Are you thinking about buying a bay boat but don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, Scout Boats has some of the finest crafts for boating and fishing in bays. Combining engineering precision and luxury features, these are some of the best bay boats available. Scout watercrafts make cruising your favorite bay a remarkable experience.

231 xs


The first step in finding the right boat for your needs is knowing what features make a great bay boat. Bay boats are generally smaller in profile than other boats, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a smooth, easy ride. Bays often have heavy chop generated by wind and heavy boat traffic, so you’ll want a vessel that allows you to ride in comfort. While you may stick to the bays and never venture into the open ocean, you still need a sleek and intelligently-designed hull for a smooth, comfortable ride.

You should also have plenty of fishing features in your bay boat. Despite the trim dimensions of the boat, you still need all the various accommodations that make fishing convenient and enjoyable. For example, you should have plenty of rod storage, at least one live well, and space for casting at the front and the back of the boat. Because many bay boats are compact, having vertical rod storage also provides the space efficiency you need.

In addition to these features, you also need comfortable seating, cutting-edge technology, and a strong, reliable engine to propel you safely across the water.


Now that you know what goes into a great bay boat, here are some of the best from Scout.

251 XS

251 xs
This is one of the best bay boats you can find. We consider this a “hybrid” model because it can handle both inshore and offshore waters. This dual ability translates to near perfection in bays. The 251 XS has a 13-inch draft, allowing you to float through shallow waters, yet the hull is designed to cruise through chop with ease.

In addition, you’ll find plenty of features that create a wonderful fishing experience, such as lockable rod storage, trim tabs, a high-performance leaning post, and more. You can also enhance the visual appeal of the boat by adding Brisa cushions or custom color options.

231 XS

231 xs
Slightly smaller than the 251 model, the 231 XS is a nimble bay boat that can deliver elite fishing performance in many different conditions and locations. It rides on a hull that is sleek and sharp, allowing it to stay stable despite a 12-inch draft.

Standard features on this boat include bow storage, a lighted aerated release well, vertical console rod storage, and a trolling motor plug with three battery trays. If you want to upgrade the fishing experience, you can add a leaning post bait well, flush-mount rod holders, or a power pole bracket mount. Altogether, these features create one of the most enjoyable boating and fishing experiences available.


From the Florida Keys to the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest, there is a Scout to match nearly any area, including bays, open ocean, and intertidal shallows! Contact Scout Boats today or stop by one of our helpful dealers to learn more about the best bay boats from Scout.