Bay Boats: Nearshore Fishing Versatility

251 XS - Bay Boat

At Scout Boats, we are proud to make some of the finest vessels you can spot on the water. We put years of engineering, design, and a passion for boating into each and every product we build. Our full selection includes multiple lines of boats like the Dorado and LXF models. Another line is our Bay boats, which provide versatility and convenience to your boating experience…


As the name implies, a bay boat is made for bays and nearshore areas. They are not designed for long offshore fishing, but they can handle a larger amount of waves and chop than traditional flats boats or bass boats. They usually are marked by higher side walls and a deeper hull, which will mean the boat needs a few more inches of water depth than other boats. Most bay boats, (including two of ours) are around 25 to 20 feet in length and can handle reasonable offshore travel on calm days.

251 XS

This is the industry’s first inshore/offshore fishing boat. Offering a unique combination of comfort and utility, this 25-foot boat is perfect for people who want a vessel that can handle long cruises or fun little fishing adventures. It has enough room for 10 people, allowing you to take a larger group without sacrificing performance. The boat comes standards with convenience features like a self-bailing cockpit, lighted bait well, hydraulic steering, and flush mount rod holders. Altogether, the 251 XS is one of the best boats of you could ever own.

231 XS

The second model in our bay boat line is the 231 XS, which is the middle-sized boat of the three. It is just slightly above 23 feet in length, so while it still has plenty of space, it can maneuver in tighter areas and handle shallow fishing in flats and other areas when a light boat is needed. It has the sleek design and sophisticated engineering that highlights all Scout boats, and when loaded with a 300 HP engine, the vessel can reach 60 mph or higher. With luxurious comfort and outstanding fishing features, the 231 XS is great for people who love having a versatile, high-quality boat.


The 177 Winyah is the smallest vessel in our line of bay boats. It is under 18 feet long and has a maximum occupancy of 5 people, making it the perfect boat for small fishing trips to shallow flats and hard-to-reach areas, including rivers and smaller lakes. It may be small, but it comes with all the top-quality features you expect from Scout, including a live well, pull-up cleats, push pole holders (perfect for flats fishing!), and a trolling motor plug. As a light, nimble boat, the 177 Winyah can be used for cruising, shallow fishing, and more!


If you want a boat that will deliver high-quality luxury and world-class engineering, order your Scout today! You’ll have a boat that will make you happy for years when you are driving a Scout.