195 Sportfish: Fuel Efficient Boat that’s Fast & Comfortable

195 Sportfish

If you are looking for a medium-sized, versatile fishing boat that you can use in salt or freshwater, the 195 Sportfish may be perfect for your needs.

This boat has all the features you expect from a luxury fishing boat, plus the fuel-efficiency you’ll need for a full day of exceptional boating.


Fuel efficiency is one of the most important aspects for overall boating enjoyment. Miles per gallon is something that most people only consider when they are purchasing a car for their daily commutes, but it should be at top of mind for a watercraft as well. The 195 Sportfish, like all Scout boats, is designed to give you the best possible fuel-efficiency for the size. It achieves this goal with a sleek, meticulously designed hull crafted from the best possible materials.

The hull is made to create little drag in the water, all while retaining stability and control at top speeds. With less resistance, you can cruise across the water while burning less fuel and reaching better top-end speeds.


The 195 Sportfish is available with four different motors, each one intended to give various levels of efficiency, power, and overall performance. The base engine is a Yamaha F115XB, a 115 horsepower engine that gives the boat a top MPG rating of 5.77 mpg. Compared to the common fuel ratings of most cars, this might seem like a gas-guzzling truck, but compared to other boats, this is actually one of the top ratings in the class.


You likely don’t want a boat for numbers and stats. Instead, you want your boat for pure on-the-water enjoyment. So while the 195 Sportfish’s fuel-efficiency numbers are great, they don’t tell the whole story on this incredible vessel. To truly understand why this boat is so exceptional, you really need to take a look at all of the features and accessories.

First of all, the 195 Sportfish has standard convenience features that make boating more enjoyable and relaxing. This includes a center console with a grab rail and glove box, a durable swim platform, coolers with top cushions, and a folding console footrest. You can also get optional features like a full bow rail, trolling motor plug, LED trim indicator light, and more.

Of course, if you love fishing, the 195 Sportfish is a great choice. At 19 feet, it’s the perfect length for your group, and it comes with features that make fishing easier, including rod holders and an aerated bait well. With a center console, the boat allows you to fish from all angles, giving you access to any casting point.

All told, the 195 Sportfish is an efficient, convenient, and comfortable fishing boat that gives you and your family a world-class boating experience.


If you have a high standard for quality and performance, you don’t have to make any sacrifices on the water.

With a Scout Boat, you’ll be able to enjoy luxury, refinement, and exceptional engineering in a truly world-class fishing craft.