Our Best Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

If you ask about ocean fishing, most people will tell you: you need a large boat, something 35-feet or longer. But thanks to the incredible research and development department at Scout, you can have a small boat and still go fishing on the ocean. So what’s the best small boat for ocean fishing? We have one boat in mind.


There are many features and characteristics that make for a great boat, but the best small boat for ocean fishing is both expertly designed and has all the right options. Traditionally, an ocean fishing boat is large, so a small boat contradicts what most people would expect from these vessels. Because smaller boats won’t handle rough waves and ocean chop as easily, the craft needs to be designed with a hull that is made with the most advanced engineering and meticulous attention to detail.

The boat should also have the right fishing features. When you are fishing in the ocean, you’ll need options like a large live well, storage for equipment, and outriggers. These items allow you to fish with precision and convenience, increasing your chances of a successful outing.

Lastly, the boat should have comfort. When you head to the ocean, you’ll likely spend a full day on the water. This means you need comfortable seating, high-quality materials, and the right technology for convenience and luxury. With the right features, you’ll be able to enjoy your small ocean fishing boat for hours and hours, day after day.

And the winner is…


255 LXF
While all of our boats are exceptional, our best small boat for ocean fishing just might be the 255 LXF. This craft is loaded with all the features you want in an ocean fishing boat, but it also has a small, manageable profile that lets you cruise through the marina and navigate bay traffic with ease.

Despite the 25.5-foot length, this boat can handle the open ocean. It has a ride performance that makes it a delight to drive, and has plenty of space for a large group and all the storage you need. It has a capacity of 11 people, a fish box that holds 220 quarts, and a nine-gallon freshwater holding tank.

This boat has the features you need for fishing. In addition to the standard features, such as a raw water wash down and bow center storage, it also has optional items like 15-foot outriggers and flush mounted rod holders.

It also has the luxury you desire. The seating is made with top-quality, stain-resistant materials and designed for space and comfort.

These features make for one of the most impressive boats on the water. It may be small compared to other vessels on the open ocean, but it has a level of performance that takes second place to no boat.


With the best small boat for ocean fishing and a full range of other excellent craft, Scout Boats is the number one choice. No matter the boat you are looking for, the friendly team at Scout Boats can help. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to outstanding service, so contact us today and we’ll help you find the right vessel for your specific needs.

Fast Fishing Boats From Scout

Fast Fishing Boats

Fast Fishing Boats

We don’t mean to brag, but every boat in our lineup has both speed and acceleration. Our innovative, specifically designed hulls and top-quality engines make for the very best in fast fishing boats. From our largest boat to our smallest vessel, we create boats that swiftly cruise across the water, giving you a smooth ride with outstanding speed.


It may seem like the answer is no. After all, why does it matter if you have a fast boat if you are slowly cruising around your fishing spot, casting to every rock, weed, and downed tree? Even with offshore fishing, you’re usually sitting idle with baits in the water, so speed isn’t a factor.

But ask any professional angler, and they’ll tell you that having a fast fishing boat matters. While top speed may not affect the quality of your fishing, fast fishing boats get you to the location faster, meaning you have more time with lines in the water. And more time fishing, in the long run, mean more fish! From northern lakes to tropical offshore waters, a fast boat helps you take advantage of every fishing opportunity.


Here are a few examples of the speed you get with a Scout Boat!

420 LXF

420 lxf
Out largest boat, the 420 LXF, is big enough to carry a large group. It has a 42-foot length, a 500-gallon fuel capacity, and 69-gallon freshwater tank. Despite the size, it can reach over 70 miles per hour!

When equipped with quad Mercury 400s motors, this boat can reach a top speed of 71 miles per hour when cruising at the top RPMs. However, when it reaches the best cruise MPG, which is 4,500 RPMs, it still travels at a pace of 43 miles per hour. When you need to reach an offshore fishing spot in a hurry, the 420 LXF will get you there!

350 LXF

350 lxf
If equipped with triple Mercury 350s engines, the 350 LXF can reach a top speed of 69.8 miles per hour. For optimal cruising MPG, you can run the engines at 4,000 RPMs, which means you’ll be flying along at 41.5 mile per hour.

255 LXF

Even the smaller boats, which are equipped with one motor, give you plenty of speed. When a Evinrude 300 motor is mounted to the 255 LXF, you have a top speed of 52 miles per hour and the best cruising MPG still lets you travel at 29 mph.

175 Sportfish

175 sportfish
This is the smallest boat in our lineup, yet it can absolutely fly across the water without sacrificing comfort and ride quality. At the top RMP with a Mercury 115, the 175 Sportfish has a speed of 43.6 miles per hour. With the best cruise RPM, the boat maintains a speed of 25.3 mph.


No matter what size of boat you need, you can have the ride comfort and quality you deserve with Scout Boats. We make fast fishing boats with all of the luxury features you demand. Visit one of our high-quality dealers today!

Our Best Center Console Boats Under 25 Feet

Center Console Boats

Center Console Boats

A center console boat is perfect for people who want a little bit of everything. Outside of deep sea fishing, center console boats under 25 feet can handle just about any task. You can take people fishing in shallow intertidal areas, bays, and nearshore locations. You can load up the group and have dinner at a dockside bistro. You can pull wakeboarders behind the boat with speed and power. The choice is yours. With center console boats in this size range, almost anything is possible.


Like everything in life, we all have different tastes and preferences. When it comes to boats, that same principle applies. Some people are passionate about offshore fishing, while others prefer the relative convenience and accessibility of fishing the shallows. Some people like the thrill of water sports like skiing and wakeboarding, while others just want a slow, relaxing cruise on the water. Our center console boats offer something for everyone!

225 XSF

225 xsf
With forward seating, an innovative hull, and high-quality cushions throughout, the 225 XSF is one the best center console boats under 25 feet. You can enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to the hull that was designed in-house by our fantastic engineering department. And you can easily manage this boat no matter what your experience level, as it only has a length of 22 feet and 5 inches.

If you enjoy fishing, add helm seating options like a tournament leaning post with an aerated bait well and a tackle station and you’ll have all the features you need to catch your favorite fish.

231 XS

231 xs
The XS line was made to deliver outstanding performance for inshore and bay boating. The 231 XS, which measures 23 feet and one inch, is a focused fishing machine that helps you travel from spot to spot with speed while allowing you to take advantage of every fishing opportunity.

This inshore fishing boat comes standard with vertical console rod racks, an aerated live well, and stainless flush mount rod holders. You can also enhance the fishing experience by adding raw water wash down, which is perfect when you start catching multiple keepers.

195 Sportfish

195 sportfish
If you want a spacious deck on a relatively small boat, the 195 Sportfish is a great choice. This center console boat is under 25 feet, measuring a nimble 19 feet and 5 inches, and it has a comfortable 8-foot 6-inch width, allowing you to comfortably move throughout the boat without feeling cramped.

You can customize this boat to your liking with a wide variety of options. For example, you can choose Fusion Bluetooth stereo and JL audio speakers for enhanced sound and entertainment. However, if you want an elite fishing vessel, you can choose options like a leaning post live well and raw water wash down features.


No matter what your boating goals, the team at Scout can help you choose the right boat and features for your needs. For center console boats under 25 feet or any other kind of watercraft, Scout is the top choice. You’ll get service, quality, and (most importantly) an outstanding boat. Contact us today!

How To Deep Sea Fish

Deep Sea Fish

Deep Sea Fish

Deep sea fishing is not for the casual angler. While you don’t have to be a seasoned fishing expert, deep sea fishing calls for a level of knowledge, attention to detail, and patience that other forms of fishing don’t require. However, learning how to deep sea fish involves more than the proper know-how. If you’re going to head out for the most challenging and rewarding form of fishing, make sure you have the right mindset, the best equipment, and the perfect boat for the job.


You can’t get on the water if you don’t have a boat. But with deep sea fishing, it’s essential that you have the right boat. When fishing offshore, you need to have a boat that is large enough to handle rough waves and chop. It should cruise smoothly from one destination to another and should have the ability to maintain comfort in rolling seas. In most cases, this means having a boat with some size; you’ll probably want something around the length of 35 feet or longer. Deep sea fishing takes time, so you’ll want a boat with plenty of comfort and space. Comfortable seating and a cabin for rest and relaxation are ideal for extended offshore fishing adventures.

Your deep sea fishing boat should also have the right fishing features. Obviously, items like rod holders and livewells should be included, but you’ll also want to have extras like a marine fighting chair, cranking outriggers, and even an onboard grill for cooking your catch.

420 lxf


Choosing the right equipment will depend on the exact species you are pursuing, but when you want to learn how to deep sea fish, you need to also learn more about heavy gear. Deep-sea fish are, in general, big trophy fish. Think 500, 1,000, or even 1,500 pounds of hard-fighting marlin, tuna, or shark. Most offshore rods are graphite, a lightweight yet extremely powerful material. Likewise, the reel will need to have plenty of cranking torque to help you drag a trophy out of the depths.

You should also consider having downriggers on your boat, which allows you to set your bait to specific depths. Using your fish finder to choose the depth, and downriggers to set the depth, will bring more productivity to your deep sea fishing.

Kids Fishing


The process for deep sea fishing can be as varied as the fish themselves, but in general, you will use either live bait or artificial lures. First, we’ll talk about live bait. Bait that you either purchased from a bait shop or caught yourself can be extremely effective for bringing in hungry fish. In almost all cases, you want to use the bait that your pursuit is actually eating. So if, for example, the tunas are currently feeding on mackerel, then try fishing with mackerel.


Artificial lures come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more effective than others. Dragging artificial lures behind a moving boat (often called “trolling”) is an effective way to cover more water and place your lure in the striking range of active predators. Flashy artificial lures are popular for marlin and other active predators.

380 lxf


If you are intent on hitting the seas and learning how to deep sea fish, make sure you have the right boat for the job by browsing our fishing boat models on our site or visiting one of our top-quality boat dealers. With advanced hulls, superior comfort, and outstanding luxury, along with all the fishing features you need, these boats help you become a success on the water.