Scout Boats are Worth the Price

Innovation Award

Innovation Award

At Scout, we understand that a boat, which most people use for recreation and weekend fun, can be a big-ticket item. With so much on the line, purchasing a boat is certainly not something you want to do carelessly.

You need to take your time, be patient, and get all the information available. Like purchasing a car or a home, a boat is not always about the bottom line, as there are many factors that should be considered.

We’d like to show you why a Scout boat is worth the money. You’ll see how superior designs, outstanding reliability, and a wide range of features results in a value that few other boat manufacturers can match.

Innovative Thinking from the Very Beginning

We take pride in our research and development process, not only because it allows us to put our brand’s character into each model, but also because it results in boats that are unique, elegant, and stylish. Many boat makers hire out their boat designs, but we do everything in house, utilizing one of the best design teams in the industry.

Hand-Laid Construction

At Scout, we use a 100% hand-laid build process. From the first layer to the last, our fiberglass boats use a hand-laid system. Many brands use a spray system, then hand lay one or two layers and call the product “hand-laid.” But at Scout, everything is completely done by hand, resulting in superior strength to weight ratio.

Durable, Long-Lasting Boats

Our boats are created for long-lasting quality, and we use innovative designs, as well as advanced materials, to achieve these goals. This is best seen in the reverse shoebox design of our boats. Picture a shoebox: The lip of the lid that encompasses the box itself, surrounding it on all sides except the bottom. This is what we do with our hulls and decks, only upside down. The decks fit inside hull and both pieces are bonded together. This enables the two pieces to become one, enhancing the strength and long lasting quality of the boat. Our reverse shoebox design results in boats that keep their shape much longer than average fiberglass boats.

Because wood can rot, we never use this material in any part of our boats. By using composite materials for every single piece, our boats last longer in the water.

Excellence is in the Details

Sometimes you have to look closely to see a product’s excellence. With a Scout, you can look around the corners and inside the hinges and doors to find unique, refined details, such the finished bilges. You wouldn’t notice this detail unless you’re inside the boat, but it’s a small detail that makes a Scout superior. Little things like clean screw-head alignments and superior wiring relays make our boats a marvel of refined details.

The Best Warranty Around

A warranty is an important factor when purchasing a boat. Simply put, Scout Boats has the best warranty in the industry. Our three-year limited stem to stern warranty covers everything in the boat for the first year and all parts and materials for years two years after that.

There is also a ten-year structural hull warranty that covers any structural problems whatsoever for an entire decade. We stand behind our boats and we stand behind our warranties, ensuring you have a vessel that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Find a Boat the Meets Your Specific Needs

You can find the perfect boat for your needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you start choosing sizes, features, and more. Take home a Scout and get a boat you can count on for years.

Must See Boat Shows

Must see boat shows

Must see boat shows

Boat shows are a wonderful opportunity to take in the newest models and peruse the latest in boating technology. They’re also great for a day of water-related entertainment, giving any boater the total package.

If you love boat shows, put these eight on your bucket list.

Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show
The Miami International Boat Show is world-renowned as one of the most fun, engaging, and interesting boat shows around. From browsing the latest boats in the industry to enjoying dining and entertainment, few shows match the uniqueness of this event. For added convenience, you can take a shuttle bus or hop on a water taxi to enjoy Miami’s boat show.

Atlanta Boat Show

Atlanta Boat Show
This is one of the most popular boat shows in the southeast, attracting boat enthusiasts from all over the country and across the globe. This family-friendly show features everything from personal watercrafts to houseboats, and kids and adults will love the Discover Boating Center, the Let’s Go Fishing Center, and the free sailing seminars

Seattle Boat Show

Seattle Boat Show
Combining the beauty of the Northwest with the exciting attractions of a modern boat show, this event in Seattle is sure to please any boat enthusiast. The show hosts over 200 different boating and fishing displays, but the free boat rides give you a unique perspective on the whole event.

Windjammer Days Festival

Windjammer Festival
Part boat show, part historical celebration, part fireworks extravaganza, the Windjammer Days Festival in Maine is one of the most unique boat shows in the country. Held every summer in Boothbay Harbor, this festival has antique boat parades, shipyard tours, and of course, a pancake breakfast!

London Boat Show

London Boat Show
Want to experience boats on the other side of the Atlantic? Then head over to the UK in early February and take in the London Boat Show. From model debuts to innovative technology, this boat show can make a serious claim to forecasting the future of the international boating industry.

Mid-America Boat Show

Mid-America Boat Show
If you want to experience boating on the Great Lakes, the Mid-America Boat Show from Cleveland is a great choice. You can learn about freshwater fishing techniques, take scuba diving classes, or register to win one of the many prizes.

Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous

Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous
Anyone who loves boating history will want to visit the Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Classic boats are lined up on the seaport, giving you the chance to see gorgeous vessels built before 1965. This show also gives out awards for the most impressive boats, creating enthusiasm and interest throughout the entire festivity.

Toronto International Boat Show

Toronto Boat Show
If you want to get rid of the winter blues and enjoy the feel of summer, the Toronto International Boat Show is waiting for you every January. You can enjoy the world’s largest indoor lake, which gives you the chance to relax lakeside like it’s the middle of July. While you’re there, you can also browse hundreds of different boats from all over the continent and the globe.

Get the Gorgeous Boat You Deserve

As Scout, we are dedicated to making the best boats possible, using innovative designs and world-class engineering on every product. Contact us today and let us help you find the right boat for your specific needs.

Stunning Scout Boats: Combining Art With Engineering

LXF Series

LXF Series

If you are purchasing a boat, you deserve to have something that not only performs perfectly, but also stands out visually from every other boat on the water.

At Scout Boats, we take pride in crafting boat that looks great, not only in the showroom, but on the water. Our boats are made to look their best, and we use all our energy, experience, and abilities to meet this goal.

Research and Development: Where it all Starts

A quality boat of any kind starts with research and development, but at Scout, we are fanatical about the process, putting extra time, energy, and resources into designing the most visually impressive boats possible.

Scout Boats president and CEO Steve Potts sets the pace for our commitment to research and development. While he is involved in every aspect of the business, he personally spends most of his time in the Research and Development department. He’s a boat builder at heart, and he takes pride in being involved in the process and overseeing one of the finest design teams in the industry.

Our in-house research and development team sets us apart from many of our competitors. The common practice in the industry is to hire design services to outside shops, and while these teams do fine work, they don’t allow a boat company to put their own personal passion and character into the product. Our visually stunning boats are a standout in the industry, and it all starts with our in-house research and development team.

Gelcoat Color: Scout Boat’s Identity

When Steve Potts started Scout Boats, one of his first goals was to create the perfect color for a gelcoat. It had to be pleasing to the eye in both a showroom and on the water, while helping to identify the product, even from afar. Scout’s gelcoat not only looks great, it was made to minimize glare, unlike the bright, appliance-like white that you see on many other products. The gelcoat is another detail that enhances the visual appearance of a Scout Boat.

Interior Options: Comfort Meets Style

At Scout Boats, we want our vessels to look good from every angle. That not only means a stunning view for people on showroom floors, but also for people taking the boat out for a cruise.

We have included some of the finest vinyl interiors in the industry. The standard upholstery is a light, tan color that looks great with our gelcoat and gives the interior a soft appearance with sturdy performance.

We also have upgraded vinyl interiors, including Italia and Brisa. The Italia vinyl is modeled after European luxury sports cars, with a rich golden hue and black piping. The Brisa has a dark brown appearance that resembles high-quality leather. It is soft and velvety, making your boat pleasing to both the eye and the touch.

Artist’s Signature from Potts

We not only see our boats as feats of engineering, but works of art. Nothing embodies this sentiment more than the boot stripe, which is personally painted by Steve Potts. That’s right, our founder, president, and CEO insists on adding his handcrafted touch to every boat. This is just another unique visual feature that sets us apart from the competition and makes our boats the most visually stunning achievement on the water.

A Scout Boat is Waiting for You

Are you looking for a top-quality boat that looks fantastic? Then you need a Scout. Our boats are made to provide the highest level of performance and comfort, so check out our complete lineup today.