What Size Boat Do You Need?

Are you trying to decide what size boat you need? Start with how you plan to use the craft. Here we’ll take a look at some basic types of boating to help you choose the right size for your needs.

Offshore Fishing Boat Size: 30-Feet and Up

For off-shore fishing, you want a large, sturdy boat that can handle heavy waves and rough conditions. In a small boat, the larger chop of open waters can toss and turn your vessel. This could create an uncomfortable experience and be dangerous for you and other passengers.

Great Choice for Offshore Fishing: 420 LXF

The 420 LXF is our flagship craft. With an impressive size of 42 feet, it’s one of the best boats you can find for offshore fishing. It has luxury features, fishing accessories, and comfortable deck accommodations that allow you to stay on the water for days at a time.

Inshore Fishing Boat Size: 17 to 20 Feet

177 dorado

For inshore fishing, you need a boat that is capable of reaching shallow, hard-to-reach locations. You might be fishing intertidal shallows near the Florida Keys or a river delta on the west coast, but having a boat that can cut through tight corners and shallow areas is essential.

Great Choice for Bay Boating: 177 Sport

Few inshore fishing boats can deliver the comfort and versatility of the 177 Sportfish. This center-console boat is perfect for inshore fishing and quick family outings.

Bay Boating Size: 20 to 30 Feet

For bay boating, you need a combination of size and versatility. Many bays can have large, choppy, rough waters, but rarely the type you will see in the open ocean. They also have more obstacles, such as water-way markers, buoys, and other boats. This makes a combination of size and maneuverability essential.

Great Choice for Bay Boating: 231 XS

At 23-feet, the 231 XS is a wise choice for anyone who will do a lot of bay boating. You’ll be able to go out into the open water on calm days, and you’ll still be able to maneuver through a crowded bay with ease. 

Cruising / Pleasure Boating Size: 20 to 30 Feet

Do you simply want to cruise the water and relax? Then chances are a boat between 20 to 30 feet will suit you just fine. A 17-footer probably won’t give you the leg-stretching comfort you prefer, while 40 feet is likely too much for your needs.

Great Choice for Cruising: 255 Dorado

The 255 Dorado is a great choice for simply cruising and relaxing. It has comfortable lounge seating on both ends and can be enhanced with numerous optional features such as a high-quality stereo, grill, and fiberglass hardtop.

Water Sports Boat Size: 17 to 25 Feet

For water sports, choose a smaller boat with a powerful engine for pulling skiers and maintaining the right speed. 17 feet will certainly work, but you can go up to 25 feet and still maintain performance.

Great Choice for Water Sports: 210 Dorado

At 21 feet in length, the 210 Dorado gives you plenty of size for comfortable riding and can make turns and maneuvers with ease. Add in the ski tow bar and you have a world-class ski boat that fills in as a luxury fishing craft when needed!

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We hope this boat size guide helps you find the perfect craft. No matter what type of boating you have planned, start your next adventure with Scout Boats!

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