How to Register Your Boat

You just bought a boat and you’re ready to go fishing. You have the tackle, the gear, and all the food and drinks you need for a long day on the water. You’re ready to go…right?

Not so fast.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to register your boat. While you’re sure to be eager to start using your boat, it’s generally a pretty fast and simple process. And, just like registering your car, it allows you to enjoy the water legally and responsibly. Take a look at how to register your boat so you can take to the water!

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Why Register Your Boat?

Registering your boat serves a few different purposes. First of all, registering helps keep boating safe by providing funding for law enforcement and, in some cases, maintenance of waterways. The fees can also be used to improve fishing and natural resources.

Registering your boat also serves as documentation that proves that you are the primary owner, which can be helpful for law enforcement, insurance, and other purposes.

Steps for Registering

In many areas, registration is handled by the DMV or the state’s Fish and Wildlife Agency. Remember that exactly how to register your boat will vary by state, so be sure that you check your state laws to learn about its specific requirements. You will likely have to fill out an application and pay registration fees in addition to your title fee. You will have different options for registering your boat online, and the certificate of registration will need to be on your craft before you go boating. In most cases, you should register your boat in the state where it is primarily used. Also keep in mind that boats that are powered by a motor of any kind need to be registered. Kayaks and canoes may also need to be registered depending on the size of the vessel and the state requirements.

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