De-Winterizing Your Boat

It’s important to take proper seasonal care of your boat, whether you have purchased through Scout Boats or elsewhere. In the winter, people are often knowledgeable about preparing their boat for the long cold season ahead; however, after the first rays of sun people often forget about properly preparing their boat for the long season of use that is ahead. If you have winterized your boat, then re-winterizing it is actually easier than if you never took proper care during the cold months. You can follow the steps below to make sure you have a smooth transition into a beautiful season of boating.

Exterior Inspection

It’s important to make sure that the external condition of your boat is well cared for before launching onto the water. If you do not have a lot of time before your first spring boating trip, make sure that you inspect the hull for any external damage, including cracks, chips, or residue. Cracks and chips, as well as ashy residue, may continue to spread if not treated properly. If you find that your hull has external damage, you may be able to restore your boat by using a gelcoat to regain its original shine. During the winter, water might have seeped into your cover, causing mold or mildew. Check your canvas and vinyl covered seats and tops in order to make sure they do not have damage. If your vinyl is damaged by moisture you can always purchase an affordable cleaner that will restore your boat to its best condition.

Interior Inspection

In addition to external inspection, it is more vital to make sure that your boat is running smoothly and that you will not get stranded on the water due to unforeseen circumstances. If your boat has been stored for the winter, you should change the oil and the oil filter, which will help to keep your boat running at optimum efficiency. Sometimes, batteries can get corroded due to salt, so after the winter reconnect your battery cables and check to make sure that your battery can hold a charge. You can always use a battery tester to make sure your battery will work throughout your time on the water. Also, reattach your fuel line and double-check that there has not been structural damage before filling your boat up with gas.

Electronic Check

Scout Boats offers some of the highest performing technology, including the latest Garmin® Mastervolt console, which helps boaters manage fuel efficiency, monitor performance, and keep track of their location while on the water. Before taking your boat out for the first time, you should turn on and test any technology used aboard so that you know it is fully charged and working accurately. Make sure to keep records of the technology that you purchased for your boat, in case any of the items are malfunctioned and can be replaced under warranty.

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