What Kind Of Boat Should I Buy?

Trying to decide which boat is right for you can be difficult. You need to take your time and make the right decision based on your needs and desires. How many people will you haul on the water? What activities will you enjoy? Knowing how you’ll use the boat is crucial to making the right decision.

Let’s look at a few of the most common types of boats to help you decide which type you should buy.

Center-Console Boats

Center-console boats offer more space on the deck and allow you to cast to all directions, making them ideal for most anglers. The helm of these boats is located in the middle, with deck space on all sides. The open deck allows anglers and boaters to move from one side of the boat with greater ease. Typically, they are used for saltwater fishing and tend to be slightly larger than boats used on lakes and rivers.

Dual-Console Boats

Dual-console boats are considered the opposite of center-console crafts. These have seating along each side, with a space between so people can walk from the front to the back. There is often a windshield spanning the two consoles. Dual consoles tend to be better for cruising and relaxing on the water. They also have superior storage, although this can depend on the specific design. Dual-console boats tend to offer better passenger comfort as well.

Offshore Boat

If you want to reach far-off fishing destinations in open water, you’re going to need an offshore fishing boat. Offshore boats are larger and have deeper hulls, which allows them to cut through larger waves with ease. They can maintain good speeds even when the chop is high, and they often have many conveniences and amenities to make long trips more enjoyable.

Bay Boats

Bay boats are typically smaller than offshore boats, usually around 20 to 25 feet in overall length. Bay boats are more fuel-efficient because of their size, and they are made specifically for boating in nearshore areas and bays. They have a shallower draft, which makes them less stable in heavy chop but also allows them to reach shallow destinations that would be off limits to offshore boats. They may have less space and amenities, but are also more nimble and manageable.

Performance Boats

Performance boats are made for fast acceleration and top speeds. If you want to cruise across the water as quickly as possible, you’ll want to find a performance boat that can deliver the thrill of speed that you desire. They can be used in races, but like sports cars, they are often used for the simple enjoyment of performance, speed, and acceleration.

Choose the Right Boat for Your Needs!

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