2008 SF222

I bought this boat new in 2008, have never had a problem, engine has 1100+ hours and I normally fish 20-30 miles offshore East of Scituate Harbor, have gone as far as 45 mi.

Thanks for building such a reliable boat. 

Bob Kroeger
27 Shaw Street
W. Newton, MA. 02465

275 Dorado Inquiry


Hello Alan,

You may remember my inquiry from July. I was just beginning the process of researching the purchase of a Dorado 275 and you provided me with your perspective on costs as they relate to transporting boats from your mfg facility etc. In any case I was early in the boat buying decision process but was impressed that you had taken the time to speak with me. After looking at a number of comparable boats (Pursuit, EdgeWater, GW etc) I still kept coming back to the 275 as my first choice. During the Atlantic City Boat show I met with Nate Anderson along with Larry Kaplan and Matt Cini. We were able to agree on a purchase price for a 2016 275 Dorado which I officially purchased yesterday.

I’ve worked in the consumer electronics industry and have been lucky enough to work with world class industrial designers. I have an appreciation for products that maximize function, value and appearance. As an engineer, I expect a product that is durable, reliable and functionally capable. But what really excites me is when a product has these traits but is also beautiful from a design perspective. Not many companies can get that right. Scout clearly has – the 275 Dorado is amazing to look at.

In closing I just wanted to thank you and Nate for your involvement in my purchase decision and to also let you know that Larry Kaplan did a solid job selling your product.


Anthony Astarita

Best boat I have ever owned.

Best boat I have ever owned.  Motors are matched to boat, great electronics, great use of space, rides well even in rough water, many standard items not standard on other boats.   Miles ahead of comparable Grady White and even ahead of comparable Pursuit although Pursuit is one of the best boats on the market.  I have owned 8 Florida boats over past 18 years including Grady, Pursuit and other Scouts.


Left in the dark….

This is my third Scout, 141, 145 and now 155. Something about these small Scouts I just love. My new/used 2003 Scout SportFish 155 had filled with water (under the floor). The owner had now idea what to do so he sold the Scout….. Bad Scout owner… It was a very simple fix, thru hull for bail well had been hit and came loose. Some cleaning and 5200….. Shes back from the dark side of poor boat ownership. I’m having a pro do the hull compounding and cleaning, he said Scouts have the best Gelcoat of any boat. He is waiting for me to stop using the boat…… Thank you for building such a great boat.

Capt Kudzu

Perfection is not optional w/ Scout. It’s Standard.

Back in 1997 my father bought a new Scout 202 Dorado. The Boat was flawless when I sold it in 2012. I called scout in 2011 after considering selling it as I needed some information about the boat as well as some small screws etc, 14 years later; Scout had no problem getting me all information and part. Furthermore they spend 30 minutes with me on the phone and emailed me back several times. I recommended Scout to my friends over the years all had great success. Last year, I recommend Scout to my best friend who bought a used one, a 2000 Scout 1750 Center console. He did and again I called Scout to ask some questions about the boat and they even looked into what helm was used so I could get the same replacement as the one had some play. Once again Scout came through. I have lived in South Florida all my life and Grandparents had a place in the keys where I docked and have fished using scout boats since 1997. Now my friend lets me use his, which is used and stored in the keys. I go offshore 8 to10 miles for Mahi and tuna among others fish. Both Scouts have had 100 percent salt water use, lots of fishing, sun, friend’s family on them with countless hours of fun and at times heavy seas and never have let me down. So weather it has been at sea or calls to Scout since I have owned one and use one today I have and a firm believer to what Mr. Potts is stating. In my own words Scout is a company that you can trust through thick and thin and will be there for you no matter what either on the phone for support or on the high seas. I see Scout boats as a company that is a top to bottom second to none for quality, safety, innovation and striving for perfection. Thank you Scout for great boats my family and friends have enjoyed for many year and many years to come and most important fully trust. My motto for Scout boats: Perfection is not optional.

Third Scout

Hi, I just purchased my third Scout, a 300 LXF, what an awesome looking boat, so many new innovations, like c zone, a true head turner, that can back up the good looks with performance, and a great ride, keep up the great work!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Wieschhorster Family. Thank you for making such a quality boat. Our 187 has provided us with years of great experiences and memories and we are looking forward to many more to come!

Brent Wieschhorster
Bonita Beach, FL

202 Dorado – Great Family Boat


My name is Mike Handley and I am the owner of a boat dealership in Florida. I have owned a used boat dealership for nearly 5 years. We have averaged selling 110 boats per year for the past 5 years. At this rate, we obviously see many boats pass through our hands. Every one of these, we water test with our buyers. Over the year I have taken a love for seeing the Scout Boats come into our inventory. The reason is simple. There are a quick, easy sell!!! The boats sell them selves. The Scout boats have a higher quality buyer and seller. Typically, when the boat comes onto our lot, it is clean because the seller is has taken meticulous care of his boat and motor. The boats seem to never have stress cracks. The pumps are usually always working because they are easy to get too. And overall, the boats are in great shape because of the high quality of materials from the factory. Needless to say, because of the above listed reasons, when a used Scout comes into our inventory, we can typically expect to sell the boat for top dollar within 30 days. When the buyer contacts us, it is the same story, ” I have been waiting for a used Scout that fits my boating needs to become for sale.”

– To sum up the purpose of my letter, because I am in the marine industry and have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of boats that have been tested, I have the ability to make an educated decision on what boat is right for my family. I personally own a 2002 Scout 202 Dorado! This boat is primarily used a family boat with my wife and three children with the occasional offshore fishing trip. Attached is a picture of my boat and the family. Thanks Scout for building my boat right the first time.

Scout Boats Customer Chronicle # 114


“Alan, I have recently purchased a 2014 175 Sportfish, I just wanted let you know how extremely happy I am with my new boat! I did a lot of research before buying, and everything kept bringing me back to Scout. This Boat is excellent in every way possible. Please pass my compliment along to your team as they really do build a great product!”

Thank You

Randy Sullivan

Scout Boats Customer Chronicle # 113


Dear Scout Boats,

Thank you Scout and CrewsN2 for a great boat 10 years and running. With years of fishing and fun in the Keys. When not in use as a boat our Scout doubles as a U-Haul to get our stuff to and from vacation.

If they never wear out Scout how do you get return customers?

We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thanks again,