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­Dear Mr. Potts,

My name is Chris Parsons. I’m writing this letter to Thank You. In order for you to understand, I will need to explain. I have a 40-year-old son, named Kason (an only child), that I love with all my heart. Boats have been a part of his entire life. As a family, we have fished in many places, fresh and saltwater. Water has always been our passion. Kason moved to Orlando (500 miles from home) at the age of 17 years 3 months old. He attended the Marine Mechanics Institute and began his career as a boat technician. His love for the water and for boats continued to grow as the years passed. For 21 years, he focused on raising his family while working in the boating industry. My grandkids also follow his passion for the water. He has worked on most types of boats and has incredible knowledge of many boats. So, his decision to own a SCOUT should come at no surprise.

Sunday, September 6, 2020, just a day before yesterday, Kason, his wife, Misty, and a friend were on the river in Kason’s SCOUT. After three attempts to avoid a collision with an oncoming boat, they were struck. Kason has been a skilled boat operator forever, and Sunday, his experience paid off. By Faith, we know without a doubt that God had His hands on this situation, and it was ultimately in His control. The three F.W.C. officers dispatched, expressed their appreciation, “You saved some lives today Mr. Parsons.” There were injuries to the two occupants of the other boat, with minor scrapes and bruises to our daughter-in-law. The emotional trauma was overwhelming. When Kason and his passengers were confirmed safe, the concerns for the other boat occupants was underway. A number of Kason’s friends were in action immediately. The driver of the other boat was ejected with mouth injury, while a child on board possibly had broken his hand. 911 was called immediately, but the ambulance attendants had to be taken by boats to the accident scene.  Both occupants were taken to the hospital for treatment. However, we believe one of the biggest factors for the safety of our kids was the incredible beating the SCOUT took in the crash. Had the SCOUT not been of the quality build design, it would have been torn to pieces. This boat took a direct hit and played a huge factor in our kids being alive today. The SCOUT, with our kids, was in the limbs of a Willow tree. The large tree limbs were everywhere and yet the injuries were few. I believe God delivered this boat within this tree. Kason had no choice but to go to the river edge. Upon impact, the motor was thrust forward and many transoms would have collapsed. The SCOUT held strong and the motor remained connected. Mr. Potts, again I am writing to you, to Thank You. You weren’t there, but your boat played a large part in saving my kids. This boat is even more special, and we hope it can be repaired. I hope you are proud of this boat as it has taken on an even bigger importance to our family. Thank you so very much. Thank You for making such a well-made boat.

These are my son’s words concerning his SCOUT. “This boat has a long history in Niceville, FL. It was a two-owner boat. One of the Niceville legends owned it for a while until he passed away. One of our very good friends was able to purchase this boat and I maintained it for 9 years. I have drooled over this boat for nearly a decade. There were only 2 of them in this area and both were purchased by two best friends at the same time. The quality of this boat is like no other. I was made an offer to purchase the boat and worked my ___ off to buy it! So many memories with this boat. Our whole crew of friends and kids grew up watching this boat run around the bayous, bays and rivers around Niceville. It was the boat everyone wanted but couldn’t have. We were in complete shock when we were offered this amazing piece of small-town history and have been the proudest SCOUT owners EVER. Now it is in need of total restoration. I’m not completely sure of the total damage and will take a very long time to make a recovery. My whole life has been related to water, whether at work and/or play. My spirit is somewhat broken at this point. Still a bit shook up over this experience. This boat has been very special to me. With it, we have enjoyed the remarkable beauty of God’s creation.”

Mr. Potts and to your entire crew and staff, we send our best wishes to all of you with great appreciation. We are so proud that our son chose your boat! Consider yourself a HERO to me.

Yours Truly,
Chris Parsons (This Mom Is Grateful)

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