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Mr. Lang,

I wanted to pass this along as a little encouragement.

If possible could you please forward this message to the Potts, as well as anyone else that may benefit from a positive note… I’ve also included a photo of our HIN so maybe there is someone still there, or a few folks who worked on my boat in 2000, and they would benefit by knowing it is still creating amazing memories.

I wanted to say thank you.  When I turn on my TV today all we hear is the negative, yet today, a 20-year-old Scout created a memory that will last forever.  Today, my five-year-old daughter caught her first fish on our 2000 Scout 177.  There are few things in life we can remember vividly, however we can all remember that first time the bobber sunk, and we set the hook.  I love my Scout and though it is not a 53-foot center console, today it might as well have been, as I would not have traded what we created today for anything.

Our scout is a 2000 177 flats boat and it is the best boat I have ever owned.  The quality, craftsmanship, look, ride, etc. etc. etc. are second to none, and I only hope this boat will last me forever.  As you will see in the attached photos our boat is part of our family, and today created a platform for a memory that will never be forgotten.

So, in a world that is thanking first responders, medical staff and all those who deserve to be thanked, we thank you guys for the hard work, that allows regular folks like us to escape.  For a moment today, nothing negative lived in the Westermans’  lives.  It was in that moment that my daughter and I shared, which created a capsule in time that we will hold dear forever…and when we look back in twenty years and tell the story of the first fish she caught, she will explain the story, while I tell folks she did it in a Scout.

Thank you!

-J. Westerman

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