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275 Dorado Inquiry

Hello Alan,

You may remember my inquiry from July. I was just beginning the process of researching the purchase of a Dorado 275 and you provided me with your perspective on costs as they relate to transporting boats from your mfg facility etc. In any case I was early in the boat buying decision process but was impressed that you had taken the time to speak with me. After looking at a number of comparable boats (Pursuit, EdgeWater, GW etc) I still kept coming back to the 275 as my first choice. During the Atlantic City Boat show I met with Nate Anderson along with Larry Kaplan and Matt Cini. We were able to agree on a purchase price for a 2016 275 Dorado which I officially purchased yesterday.

I’ve worked in the consumer electronics industry and have been lucky enough to work with world class industrial designers. I have an appreciation for products that maximize function, value and appearance. As an engineer, I expect a product that is durable, reliable and functionally capable. But what really excites me is when a product has these traits but is also beautiful from a design perspective. Not many companies can get that right. Scout clearly has – the 275 Dorado is amazing to look at.

In closing I just wanted to thank you and Nate for your involvement in my purchase decision and to also let you know that Larry Kaplan did a solid job selling your product.


Anthony Astarita

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