Shark Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Shark fishing is one of the most exciting sports on the water. No other sport elicits thrills, interest, and adventure like shark fishing. And with a large diversity of species, there is a shark to be caught in virtually all types of waters. Of course, you’ll need a great boat to get it done. Here are some of the top shark fishing boats for sale from Scout! Read more

Trout Fishing Boats for Sale from Scout

Trout fishing is a wonderful sport, creating new challenges for anglers of all experience levels. You can certainly wade for stream trout, but if you want to catch a trout with hefty size, such as a lake trout, you’re going to need the right boat. Here are some of the best trout fishing boats for sale from Scout. Read more

Tarpon Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

355 LXF

Strong, powerful, and surprisingly athletic, the tarpon is one of the most impressive animals in the water. While this fish in not highly prized for table fare, it remains an exciting sportfish that has thrilled anglers for decades. Pursuing the prehistoric tarpon is endlessly fun, but it takes dedication and knowledge. It also takes a comfortable tarpon fishing boat boat that can get you to the right location quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the best boats for the job! Read more

Deep V Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout Boats

235 XSF

If you want a smooth ride in rough water, you can’t go wrong with a deep-V fishing boat. These boats allow you to cruise from the dock to the perfect fishing destination with comfort and ease, creating a better fishing experience for you and your family. Read more

What Fishing Boat Accessories Should You Add?

Choosing the right fishing features can make a big difference in the enjoyment and quality of your boat. With the right accessories, you can have a boat that keeps you happy for years. So what fishing boat accessories should you add to your boat? Here are a few ideas. Read more

Top Tuna Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Tuna fishing is one of the most enjoyable yet challenging sports on the water. Hauling in large tuna is both exciting and can bring in some of the most appetizing seafood around. This sport, however, takes unbending patience, so having the right boat can make a big difference between success and failure. In this post, we’ll highlight some key features to look for in a great tuna boat as well as showcase some of the top tuna fishing boats for sale from Scout. Read more

Luxury Power Boats From Scout

The term “power boat” can be applied to virtually any watercraft that is propelled by a motor of some kind. A large offshore yacht could obviously be considered a power boat, but so could a canoe with an attached trolling motor. However, when people use this term, it generally applies to a medium-sized boat that is used for fast cruising, skiing, racing, and other water sports. A power boat is essentially a craft with a high power-to-weight ratio—one that has easy planing, fast speeds, and quick acceleration. Here are some of the best luxury power boats from Scout! Read more

Tips For Buying Your First Boat

355 LXF

Buying a boat is a lot like purchasing a home. If you choose the wrong one, it can lead to frustration. When done right, it can be a dream come true. This is especially true when you are buying your first boat. Sure, you may have grown up on the water and you may have spent plenty days on your friends’ fishing boats, but until you own a boat yourself, you can’t fully appreciate everything involved in the process. To help you make the right decision, remember these important tips for buying your first boat. Read more

How To Get A Boating License

Safety is important for everyone on the water. Some states require a boating license for anyone operating a vessel. If you are headed for the lakes, rivers, and bays, it’s crucial that you verify whether or not you need a license. To help make the process easy, here’s some info on how to get a boating license. Read more

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

If you are purchasing a boat, you should seriously consider boat insurance. While it may not be required, boat insurance provides financial support is certain situations, and can also give you greater peace-of-mind when you take to the water. Read more