Yacht Tender: A Luxurious Complement to Your Lifestyle

You’ll notice on the front of many of Scout’s center console boats, a nice, heavy-duty tow-eye. The reason why is about 50% of these boats are used as tenders for large yachts. In the industry, Scout Boats is known for being one of the best yacht tenders in the world– a major endorsement, considering that yacht tender captains put these boats to the test. Towed all over the world and used in the roughest of seas, Scout Boats has become a favorite among captains everywhere, on some of the biggest yachts.

Luxury Yacht Tender Market

Initially used to transport supplies, there has been increased development in the luxury yacht tender market with tenders used for the entertainment and pleasure of the yacht’s passengers. Water sports enthusiasts may use them as a speed boat for waterskiing and wakeboarding, or to service scuba diving sets. In short, these elite pleasure crafts are to designed to complement your lifestyle. 

High Marks. Low Premiums. 

Scouts offers a slightly lower insurance premium than competitors, due to their consistent reliability. This is just another great reason to buy a Scout and one more thing that sets Scout Boats apart from the competition.

Scout Boats Accountability 

To ensure the quality that Scout demands, you have to have an incredible amount of accountability. Every Scout Boat has a “birth certificate,” a tag that hangs on the back of the boat and several pages of paperwork. These records include checklists, dates, times, and signatures of who did the work and when, which batch numbers the gel coats and resins were formulated from, the temperatures and gel times, and information that can be used to guarantee that everything was done perfect and to the standards that we demand here at Scout Boats.