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Why a Scout Boat is the Perfect Yacht Tender

Yacht Tender

Scout Boats has a well-earned reputation for quality, performance, and comfort. Because of excellent designs and superior construction, Scout has become of the most popular brands to use as a yacht tender.

A tender is a smaller boat that is used as a transport for yachts. These boats need to be reliable and versatile, and yacht owners, people who expect the best from all products, demand excellence their yacht tenders.

Let’s take a look at why Scout Boats is one of the top choices for boaters seeking a high-quality yacht tender.

Luxurious Materials from End to End

Yachts are refined luxury ships, and owners of these vessels don’t want to sacrifice comfort and quality when they hop in the tender. With premium vinyl upholstery throughout the boat, a Scout offers excellent seating for everyone on board. The vinyl material is not only comfortable to the touch, it also resists staining and sun damage, helping it keep a supreme appearance for years.

High-Quality Convenience Features

Like a premium luxury car, a yacht is loaded with convenience features that make the experience more enjoyable and relaxing. A Scout Boat maintains the high level of convenience through top-notch features, including storage compartments throughout, modern electronics and technology, and a console designed to makes handling and navigation easier.

Reliable in Rough Seas and Weather

Yacht tenders have to be able to handle rougher seas, so many yacht captains have chosen Scout Boats. Our boats use a reverse shoebox design the helps maintain a sold hull and the proper shape for many years. This is one of the most essential parts of a Scout, as it allows yacht owners to rely on their boats through thick waves and calm waters.

Excellent for Fishing

One of the top activities for yacht trips is taking the tender on a fishing excursion. With Scout, you have one of the finest saltwater fishing vessels around. These boats have everything anglers expect, including rod holders throughout the entire boat. Scout Boats also have retractable cleats, which makes casting easier, as you won’t have to worry about catching your hook or snagging your line. Finally, Scouts have aerated live wells built into the boat, keeping your catch and your bait healthy. These features make fishing off a Scout Boat a luxury experience, which is what yacht owners have come to expect.

Quality Engines that You Can Count On

All boats need to have high-quality, reliable engines, especially yacht tenders, which are relied upon to move people and supplies. At Scout, we have partnered with the leader in outboard saltwater engines: Yamaha. Yamaha has such an incredible lineup of engines, that they own roughly 80% of the saltwater market. Not only are Yamaha engines reliable, strong, and efficient, they are also have a tremendous support system to help customers deal with any issues that might occur.

The Right Boat for Your Yacht

Whether you need a yacht tender, or simply want a high-quality fishing boat for your weekend adventures, make sure you have the quality and refinement of a Scout. Contact Scout Boats today and we’ll help you get the right vessel for your unique needs!

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