What is a Yacht Tender?

If you own a large yacht, you need to understand what a yacht tender is and how it can enhance your overall boating experience. It also helps to research the best aspects of a high-quality yacht tender. 

What is a Yacht Tender? 

A yacht tender is simply a small craft that is used for servicing and supporting a larger vessel, usually a yacht or charter craft. In a perfect world, getting on and off a yacht would be easy; every port would provide easy docking, and all boats would be able to pull right to the port, as well as each other. But this is far from the reality, as size or depth often create problems for yachts. Therefore, these larger vessels often use a yacht tender. 

Yacht tenders provide transport to and from the main boat. They may bring people from the shore to the boat, or from one boat to another. They can also be used to help people on a luxury cruise travel to shore for a day’s adventure. Anytime the boat is too large to access a certain area, the yacht tender will likely be used. 

Yacht tender is often towed behind a boat. Therefore, they need to be light enough that they don’t create a significant drag. They also need to be light so they don’t create damage if they collide with the towing vessel. 


What to Look for From a Great Yacht Tender

You can’t just use any craft as a yacht tender. You need refinement and luxury that matches your yacht. But you also need performance, reliability, and a smooth ride. The first aspect, however, is size. If you are carrying the boat onboard the yacht, you need to make sure it will fit the space. 

You should also think about the possible purposes of your yacht tender. Think about how you plan on using the boat and how you will spend most of your time. Will it be used merely as a travel boat, helping you get from one place to another, or will it be used for an activity, such as skiing or fishing. 

It should also have enough power. You might think that because it’s just a yacht tender, it doesn’t need much power. However, if you will be traveling a long distance in the tender, it helps to have good acceleration and top speed. It should also have a smooth ride so everyone is comfortable while on the yacht tender. 

Lastly, it helps to have convenience and luxury on the tender. It should be an extension of your yacht, giving the same level of comfort that you enjoy while on the larger vessel. 

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