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What Type of Boat Should I Buy?

There are all kinds of boats on the market—fishing boats, boats for entertainment, boats designed for watersports, and more. With so many different features and uses, to find the right type for you, there are a few things to consider. Primarily, you should think about how you will most use the craft, your budget, and the water in your area. Read on and learn how to best decide what boat you should buy.

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Research the Various Types of Boats

This is the foundation of your boat selection. Start the process by learning about all the different types of boats that are available today. You’ll find numerous options, including all-purpose fishing boats, bass boats, off shore boats, cuddy cabin boats, dual console boats, and more. From small skiffs to massive offshore crafts, finding the right one for your needs is essential.

Think About the Activities You Enjoy

What do you like to do on the water? Do you want to spend the entire day fishing, or would you prefer to go water skiing? Is a relaxing cruise across the bay your idea of fun, or do you prefer to blaze across the water at maximum speed? By understanding what activities you enjoy, you’ll be better equipped to choose the right type of boat.

What Types of Fish Do You Want to Catch

If you know you want to use your boat for fishing, there are numerous strategies for catching them, including having the right craft for the job. You can, in theory, go fishing from any boat, but understanding what types of fish you want to pursue will help you select the right type of boat for you needs.

Think About Where You’ll be Boating

The area where you boat makes a profound difference in your selection. If you plan on boating over the open seas, you obviously need a vessel that can handle rougher conditions. However, if you’re boating in shallow rivers, you need a boat with a short draft, allowing you to cruise over shallow areas without scraping the bottom.

Consider Your Budget

We would all love to have the most luxurious boat possible, but budget still makes a difference, even if you are purchasing a yacht. Take your time and calculate a specific budget for your purchase and, once your budget is established, do not go over. You will be far happier with your purchase if you are disciplined in your budget and select a type of boat that does not stretch your finances.

Center Console vs Dual Console

There are two basic types of boats: center console and dual console. Each has their own advantages that you will want to consider. For example, a center console is often better for fishing, while a dual console tends to have more seating for passengers.

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