Strictly Boaters Boat Show 2014

Last weekend, South Jersey Marina hosted its fourth annual Strictly Boaters Boat Show, which features regional manufacturers, dealers and companies that produce boats and related services used in New Jersey. The boat show has been successful even though it was launched in 2009 during the nation’s recession. Boat enthusiasts and designers from across the country have flocked to New Jersey to sell and purchase a wide array of products.

The organizers of the boat show have taken a nontraditional approach, which involves focusing on the number of boats sold and not the number of people in attendance. Although most boat shows focus on the total number of people, the Strictly Boaters Boat Show focuses on drawing exhibitors with quality boats and connecting them to customers. This year the event attracted the attention of the nation’s largest marine retailers, including Marine Max and Comstock Yachts, which happen to carry boats like Sailfish and Scout models. In addition, the boat show brought in two ships that have never been seen in the northeast, including the SeaHunter and HydraSports Custom, which are equipped with center consoles and 300 horsepower Yamaha engines.

The boat show displays its products both on land and in the water. This year’s event had fifty boats displayed on the water and twenty additional boats on dry land. Each dealer at the show determined which boats it would allow for sea trial and which it would not. In addition, other high-end boat distributors that were present at the boat show last weekend, including Cherubini Yachts, Contender Boat Sales, and McKee Yacht Sales.

In addition to hosting some of the top boat distributors in the country, the show also had a vast array of products and services including electronics, boat financing options, as well as insurance and ongoing maintenance tips and programs. An example of this includes EZ Dock, which is a company that offers portable docks for use with jet skis and other personal watercraft. Although the main focus of the event is on boats, there will be a number of additional items for customers to browse.

The Strictly Boaters Boat Show is a premier experience that attempts to cut down on the wear and tear of boats that go through expensive trials and tribulations. The boat show uniquely allows visitors to take sea-trials to see if they like the equipment. If you are interested in more information about this year’s show or found a product you liked and would like to get in contact with the organizers you can call 609-898-9500 or