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Top Skiff Boats For Sale From Scout

177 Sportfish

There are many unique types of boats that you can choose. From large yachts to nimble inshore vessels, you have many options when selecting a craft. A skiff is a popular choice for people who want a boat that can handle shallow water. Here are some of the best skiff boats for sale from Scout!

What Is A Skiff?

While the exact definition varies, a skiff is generally a small boat with room for roughly four people, at the most. Skiffs area great for fishing, and they can also be an enjoyable family boat, but you need to know what to look for before you start shopping.

What To Look For in a Skiff Boat

Skiffs are popular for nearshore fishing as well as river fishing. To enjoy a skiff, you need to find a model with the right features and characteristics.

  • Shallow Draft. A shallow draft will ensure you have the ability to reach various fishing destinations, including intertidal areas and backwater locations that often hold scores of fish.
  • Stable Hull Design. A proper hull design is especially important in smaller boats like skiffs. With an intelligent design, the boat can handle heavier chop while still maintaining a shallow draft.
  • Fishing Features. Most skiffs are used specifically for fishing—so you need to find a craft that has excellent fishing features, including rod storage, bait wells, and ample casting space.

Skiff Boats From Scout

These skiff boats from Scout give you performance, comfort, and the chance to catch outstanding shallow-water species!

175 Sport Dorado

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From family fun to elite fishing adventures, this boat gives you everything you desire. You can cast all day and enjoy outstanding comfort and convenience, or you can hit the lake for an afternoon of skiing and tubing. With a convenient swim platform and ample rod storage, this is a truly versatile and convenient boat!

175 Sportfish

175 Sportfish

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Thanks to the center console, this boat allows you to cast in all directions, making your fishing easier and more successful. With a 94-quart removable cooler, you can keep your catch fresh, while the extensive bow platform and storage area makes the experience more reliable. Thanks to a 10-inch draft, you can take this boat into some of the most remote destinations.

177 Sport

River Fishing

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This boat is ideal for anglers of all skill levels, as it can help you cruise across the water with ease and find the perfect fishing hole. It has a draft of only 10 inches, yet comes with a width of 7 feet and 3 inches, giving you stability and space. Thanks to a variety of fishing features, including an aerated console bait well, this craft if ready to hit all the best fishing destinations!

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