Shallow Water Fishing Boats: Considerations for Buying

Saltwater Fishing

When many people think of saltwater angling, they often think of open-ocean fishing from large vessels. They think of 1,000-pound tuna being heaved out of the water by salty skippers. They think of crashing waves rocking massive boats will deep hulls. But not all saltwater fishing is deep-water fishing. Like freshwater, some of the best saltwater fishing is actually done in shallow areas. A shallow water fishing boat is essential for anyone who wants to catch feisty freshwater fish or active saltwater species. With the right vessel, you can be more successful every time you leave the docks.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider when buying one of these crafts and some of the best models that are currently available.


In order to reach your shallow fishing destination, you need a boat that can cruise over a few feet of water. With a shallow water fishing boat from Scout, you’ll have a vessel that is made for cruising through the shallows while staying steady and smooth. Some crafts sacrifice ride comfort for access to shallow depth, but this is not the case with Scout!


Obviously it couldn’t be called a shallow water fishing boat if it doesn’t have the best features for anglers. Your craft should not only be able to reach the shallow honey holes, it should also allow you to fish with enhanced convenience. The vessel should have plenty of rod storage, convenient access to the water, and an aerated live well for your baits and your catch.

Scout’s Best Shallow Water Fishing Boats


175 Sportfish
If you are looking for a craft that can reach shallow fishing locations, the 175 Sportfish is your best option. At only 17.5 feet in length, the boat is nimble enough to traverse thin river channels and intertidal rocks. The draft, which measures the depth of the hull, is only 10 inches. With the motor up, you can cruise over areas in as little as a foot of water! If you are considering fishing the flats, the 175 Sportfish is the single best boat you could have.

Don’t let the small size fool you, however. This craft comes loaded to the brim with convenience, including an Igloo 72-quart cooler, a swim platform, and comfortable captain’s chairs.


195 sportfish
If you feel you need a little more space, the 195 Sportfish offers slightly greater size and room for one more person compared to the 175 Sportfish. With a draft of 13 inches, it still has the nimble profile you need for fishing shallow areas.

It comes with all the fishing features that make for an outstanding vessel, and it also has stern jump seats, a leaning back post, and Bay Star hydraulic steering.

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