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Scout: The Right Boat for Your Family

If you are considering a boat for your family, you can’t go wrong with a Scout. Scout boats have plenty of options that will help you get the most enjoyment from your boating experience. We take the time to create high-quality boats that don’t just meet the needs of hardcore boaters, but also families who want to enjoy some quality time on the water.

So why is Scout the best boat for your family? Because we develop boats with three important characteristics: comfort, convenience, and reliability.

Keeping Everyone in Your Family Comfortable

Comfort is an important part of every boat we create. We use high-quality materials and design our boats to be comfortable, spacious, and relaxing.

One of the first things you will notice is the premium vinyl materials that we us on our seating. These materials are comfortable to the touch and are built to last for years thanks to nano-block technology. They are resistant to stains, whether they come from food, drinks, or fish bait, and are also resistant to UV rays, which can fade and wear out materials over time. The vinyl also resists mold, helping you and your family have a high-quality boat that lasts for years.

Scout boats have comfortable seating throughout, including a bow lounge area that is perfect for two people. There is seating toward the front and the back, and plenty of space for everyone to relax.

Convenience for a Fantastic Boating Trip

Scout boats also offer excellent convenience to make your boating easier and more accessible for your family. One of the most popular features will be the custom-molded swim platform, which perfectly fits to the back of the boat. This platform has a ladder and handle to help you pull yourself into the boat, while the ladder folds into the platform itself, making it easier to sit on.

At the front of many Scout boats, there is a foldout picnic table with a cooler underneath. This feature is great for a family that is spending a full day on the boat, as you can keep your beverages cool and have a nice place to sit and eat.

Inside a Scout boat, you’ll also find a cell phone charger and an MP3 player, and some models even come equipped with a head for extra convenience when nature calls.

A Safe, Reliable Boat for Your Family

Safety and reliability should be a top-priority for your boat purchase. With aScout, you’ll have a boat that is 100% unsinkable, thanks to meticulous design, advanced engineering, high-quality construction. We take boating reliability to a higher level. For example, during the build process, we use 20% more foam than what is required by the Coast Guard.

A Family Friendly Boat from Scout

Visit our website today to learn more about the comfort, convenience, and reliability of Scout Boats. With all the best features and premium materials, Scout has everything you need to keep your group happy. You and your family will love your Scout, so contact us today and let us help you find the right boat for your specific needs.

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