Scout Fishing Boats: Extensive Quality Control

Scout is proud to offer some of the finest fishing boats you can find on the water. We take our time to design, build, and complete boats that meet the highest standards for boaters and anglers all over the country.

While our initial development and build techniques are world-class, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such a high-quality final product without our extensive quality control process. This meticulous quality control system ensures that every Scout boat, including the one delivered to your home, looks great and has no blemishes or scratches.

Throughout the build process, every Scout fishing boat is given a quality control check at each department. This helps us maintain consistency and efficiency in our step-by-step boat building and helps us produce boats that have a greater long-term value.

Finishing Department
This is where hands-on finishing is used to give your Scout boat an incredible shine and polish. In this department, we go through every boat to find blemishes, dings, and nicks that may be hiding in nooks and crannies or right in plain sight. Our finishing department then buffs them out by hand, giving your boat the perfect finish.

Light Tunnel
Standard factory light can only go so far. When a boat sits in a factory, you can give it a thorough inspection, but small blemishes may not appear. Then, once the boat goes out on the water on a bright and sunny day, these small and subtle blemishes can become big eye sores.

The solution? We have invested in a special light tunnel that replicates bright, intense daytime sunlight. We wheel in your boat and give it a meticulous inspection, finding all the small blemishes that might be hiding. Everything is exposed, ensuring that no surprise blemishes show up the first time you go out on your fishing boat.

Quality Control Taken to the Next Level
At Scout boats, we have a final quality control process that makes sure everything is perfect before the boat is delivered. We have a highly-trained quality control professional look at every angle, nook, and component of the boat to find any blemishes that may have gotten through. If a blemish is found, the quality control professional mounts a color-coded flag to the boat. Different colors signal different departments, letting them know that a specific issue has been found and helping increase the efficiency and teamwork at the Scout facility.

When it’s all said and done, the final product is a gorgeous, flawless fishing boat that is ready for all of your aquatic adventures!

Providing High-Quality Fishing Boats
Visit our website today and take a look at our huge selection of high-quality fishing boats. Whether you want a small fishing boat for inshore fishing, or a large vessel for going after deep sea species, we have the right boat for you. You’ll get a boat that has all the convenience and comfort features you expect, along with a powerful engine and world-class engineering.

Learn more about Scout fishing boats and discover why we are a top choice for anglers all across the country.