Scout Boats: A Culture of Excellence

Scout is world-renowned for creating top-quality boats that are comfortable, convenient, and innovative. It takes a special kind of business culture to reach such a reputation, so at Scout we have committed ourselves to creating a culture of excellence. Everything we do, from hiring employees, to manufacturing our boats, to working with our dealers, is done with the utmost dedication and pride.

Our culture of excellence is used in even the smallest tasks and we are determined to exceed all customer expectations by providing a pleasant experience long after you hit the water.


At Scout, being accountable is everything. Accountability ensures that we reach the highest standards that we have set for ourselves and help us achieve excellent results that we strive for.

One of the systems we use to ensure accountability is our Birth Certificate tag that marks every boat we make. The certificate is filled with information from the boats manufacturing, including who did what and when. It will have the data related to the boat’s gel coating and resins, such as temperatures, gel times, and more. With these birth certificates, we are able to check and double-check all the work that has been done, keeping everyone from leaders to team members fully accountable.

Customer Service

While creating a quality product is crucial to our success, we never neglect customer service. We’ve worked so hard at perfecting our customer service that the National Marine Manufacturers Association has ranked our company at the top for customer satisfaction. This is due in large part to our excellent staff and support team. We are always ready to help with any of your needs or questions, and we would be happy to help you get the most enjoyment from your purchase.

Strong Dealer Network

We are very proud of the strong dealer network that we have established, which helps you select the right boat while working with a fair and honest sales team. As a manufacturer, it is crucial that the people who sell our products are service-oriented professionals who put the needs of the customer first. Not only do we want to make our customers happy, but we also strive for the feelings of satisfaction and excitement after making a great purchase.

Several of our dealers have ended up in the boat industry’s top 100-dealer list, and we are continuously grading them on service and customer support. Our dealer network is the best in the industry, and it’s critical piece of Scout’s culture of excellence.

Employee Retention

Successful companies are the ones who keep and take care of its good team members. At Scout, we have one of the best manufacturing team in the country, with a wide range of skills and talents. Within our employee base, about 80% of the staff have been with us for ten years of longer. Without the hard work and commitment from these people, we would not be able to create the amazing boats you can find all over the world. These are world-class builders working on top-notch boats.

High-Quality Fishing Boats from Scout

When you are looking for a great boat, look no further than Scout. Visit our website and you can find top-quality boats that will meet your specific needs. Whether you are going deep-sea fishing or just cruising around the water, you’ll get a great boat and excellent service when you purchase a Scout.