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Saltwater Fishing Gear Guide

Saltwater fishing is an incredible sport. It provides you with the opportunity to catch some of the most interesting, hard-fighting, and unique species on the planet. Large trophies and beautiful fish are part of the experience, but in order to gain these things, you need the right gear. Use this saltwater fishing gear guide so that you have all the right items for your next adventure!


Fishing is a diverse sport with target species of all sizes and varieties. As such, the rods you choose will also be diverse. You may use light spinning rods for small fish, or you could purchase heavy-duty trolling rods for large species.


You will purchase the reel based on the rod you will be using. Fixed-spool rods are popular if you plan to use a variety of baits and lures. On the other hand, you also can find reels designed for casting both lures, baits, and a variety of other items for trolling and jigging.

Fishing Line

Again, the species you will pursue will determine the line size. Both braided and monofilament lines are used in offshore fishing, but braided line has become more and more popular throughout the years. It generally has stronger durability in comparison to its width, and it has less stretch, making it easier to set the hook. Depending on what species you are pursuing, you will likely want a leader at the end of your line as well.


Just like freshwater fishing, there is a variety of tackle in saltwater fishing that allows you to catch the right fish. The list is practically endless, but you can use artificial lures or live bait depending on what you want to catch.


With modern advances in technology, there is a variety of clothing you can wear that has made saltwater fishing more accessible throughout the year, as you can stay comfortable whether it’s cold, hot, dry, or wet. Be prepared for your next fishing adventure with rain gear, thermal clothing, long-sleeve shirts, and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face.

Miscellaneous Tools

For the best fishing experience, you will also need a variety of tools. Consider purchasing the following:

  • A fishing net or a gaff
  • A high-quality fishing knife (if you plan on keeping and eating your catch)
  • A pair of scissors that you can use to cut line
  • A pair of pliers to make sure you can remove stubborn hooks from a fish’s mouth
  • An ice-cooler to keep your bait and your dinner fresh

The Perfect Saltwater Fishing Boat is Waiting

We hope you’ve enjoyed this saltwater fishing gear guide. The final item you’ll need to acquire to begin your fishing adventures is the ultimate vessel! When you are looking for the perfect saltwater boat for your specific needs, use our Build Your Scout tool. Whether you want a large offshore boat or a small boat for inshore fishing, you can create a craft with the right features and equipment for your needs.

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