Saltwater Fishing Boats from Scout

Are you looking for a saltwater fishing boat that has all the right features, along with amenities that create a luxurious boating experience? Do you want to enjoy the world’s highest standard in saltwater boating? Then you need to check out these saltwater fishing boats from Scout!

420 LXF

420 lxf
When you’re ready to head offshore for a luxury fishing adventure, the 420 LXF is ready to take you there. You’ll have the space and convenience of a 42-foot luxury craft, along with the sophisticated features you need for modern boating and fishing.

This boat can take you to the most active offshore saltwater fishing destinations, and it can do so while keeping you and your group comfortable and happy. From the luxury cabin to the spacious deck, this is the world-class boat that sets the standard for saltwater fishing. Any day on the water with the 420 LXF is a day well spent. Of course, it’s even more enjoyable when the fish are biting!

300 LXF

300 lxf
If you want the excellence of the 420 LXF in a scaled-down model, this 30-foot saltwater fishing boat is a great choice. It has all of the refinement you expect, including plush seating, advanced electronics, and a sleek hull, but it also has the items that make saltwater fishing more enjoyable. This includes a deluxe fiberglass leaning post that has a baitwell, rod holder, and a 65-quart YETI cooler. Add in 18-foot cranking outriggers and you have one of the most effective fishing boats on the market!

251 XS

251 xss
The 251 XS is a truly amazing craft. As the industry’s first inshore/offshore vessel, this craft is leading the way when it comes to versatile boating. It has everything you need for your fishing adventures, including a large anchor locker, vertical rod racks, an aerated baitwell, and a trolling motor plug. You can also enhance the craft with optional features. Choose items like a tournament leaning post, a charger for trolling motor batteries, and outriggers to make this craft even more effective at landing trophy saltwater fish.

175 Sportfish

175 Sportfish
You don’t need a large boat to enjoy saltwater fishing. In fact, some of the best fishing is found in nearshore areas, deltas and intertidal locations, all of which call for a smaller boat with a shallow draft.

The 175 Sportfish is especially useful for intertidal fishing. Its 10-inch draft makes it perfect for cruising through shallow areas. When you are on the prowl for bonefish and other shallow-water prizes, the 175 Sportfish is your best choice. Add in a trolling motor plug and you have a nearshore saltwater fishing boat that can’t be beat!


With advanced hulls, refined features and all the fishing amenities you can think of, our luxury fishing boats create unforgettable fishing adventures. Make your saltwater fishing more enjoyable with a Scout! Build your boat today!