Best Recreational Boats From Scout

There are many activities you can enjoy when you go boating. From casual fishing to simply relaxing on the water, your recreational boat should allow you to get the most from every adventure. In this article, we’ll show you exactly what to look for in a recreational boat, then give you a few examples of the best recreational boats from Scout.

What To Look For in a Recreational Boat

Anyone who wants to enjoy recreational activities on the water should have a boat with the right features and characteristics. Look for a boat with these aspects, and you’ll have more fun every time you leave the dock.

  • Entertainment Features. Depending on the size of the boat and how long you expect to be on the water, you should look for a boat with entertainment like a stereo system, television, and DVD player.
  • Comfortable Seating. No matter what your favorite water activity, you need to have comfortable seating so you can stay on the water for hours, as well as room for all your guests.
  • Plenty of Options. Everyone has different preferences; for example, some like fishing, while others prefer skiing. Make sure the boat you buy can be upgraded for your specific use.

Top Recreational Boats from Scout

These are just a few of the best recreational boats available from Scout:

231 XS

While the 231 XS is only about 23-feet in length, it is still loaded with luxury and entertainment. You can actually seat eight total people, and you’ll find standard features like a Fusion Bluetooth stereo system, which can help pass the time on a long day of fishing or skiing. It can also be upgraded with a myriad of features, including Garmin screens, a trolling motor, and LED underwater lights.

380 LXF

Technology, performance, and luxury all come together on the 380 LXF. Not only is this large vessel visually stunning, but it gives you plenty of features to enjoy, including ample rod storage, a sunroof hatch, and a synthetic teak swim platform. It is also one of the most technologically advanced boats on the market, with optional features such as autopilot mode, radar, Garmin screens, and more. From short trips to overnight offshore adventures, this boat gives you complete enjoyment.

275 Dorado

If you are looking for a family-friendly fishing vessel—one that will deliver the performance you want with the comfort you need—the 275 Dorado is a great choice. This recreational boat has a dual console layout, meaning it has seating on both sides and a walking path in the middle. It also has a self-contained porcelain head and a 25-gallon aft baitwell that can be converted into a cooler. 

Find the Perfect Recreational Boat for Your Needs

Contact our staff today, and we’ll help you find a boat that best fits your lifestyle. From large offshore vessels to small inshore fishing boats, you’ll get luxury, refinement, and advanced technology when you choose a Scout. Plus, you can further customize the craft of your choice with the Build Your Scout tool. Add every feature you desire in your optimal boat with this fantastic feature!

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