We Are Proud to Work with the Finest Partners

At Scout, we are proud to work with some of the finest partners you could ask for. Whether it’s a company that provides superior products for our boats or an organization that improves the local community, we believe we have the best partners a business could ask for!

Yamaha: We are thrilled to mount Yamaha motors on many of our boats. These boat motors have a reputation for reliability and hassle-free performance, allowing to you to get the most from your boating experience. Thanks to these fine outboard motors, Scout Boats are seen cruising bays and lakes all over the country.

Mercury: Another excellent manufacturer of boat motors, Mercury has some top-quality sterndrive and inboard packages that help Scouts maintain consistent quality. We utilize many of Mercury’s propellors, electronic systems, and other marine supplies as well. We also turn to Mercury for many small parts and engine oils.

National Marine Manufacturers Association: The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) helps support the marine industry by providing information and resources to many different organizations and individuals. We strongly believe in backing their efforts and proudly join as many NMMA-sanctioned events as we possibly can. With events all across the country, the NMMA is a vital resource for marine-related business of all types.

Garmin: With outstanding navigational products for aviation, automotive, and marine uses, Garmin is a leader in GPS technology. We know that when we include Garmin products on Scout Boats, we are giving our customers advanced technology that is helpful and intuitive. Thanks to Garmin, Scout Boats are safer and more reliable on the water.

Sea Tow: Scout Boats are some of the most reliable vessels on the water, but it never hurts to have a backup plan. Sea Tow provides emergency marine tow services, fuel delivery, and jump starts. It is the world’s largest international marine towing company and every Scout now comes with a free 95-day Sea Tow membership, giving you added peace of mind when you take your family on the water.

Williams Knife Company: If you are going to enjoy fishing you’ll eventually need a high-quality knife, and we strongly recommend the Williams Knife Company. This premium knife manufacturer has top-notch options for fillet knifes, oyster knives, skinners, and more. They even have custom-made options and hand-sewn sheaths with genuine leather.

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition: The SEWE works to create awareness and appreciation for nature and conservation efforts through many different campaigns and projects. They showcase artwork inspired by nature, provide education programs, and invest in maintaining our waters and lands. We are truly proud to parter with to this important organization.

Charleston Waterkeeper: Using education and outreach, Charleston Waterkeeper works to protect the waterways in and around Charleston, South Carolina. It’s ultimate goal is clean water that is swimmable, fishable, and harvestable throughout all of Charleston and the surrounding area.

Operation Home: This is a community-focused organization that combats homelessness by maintaining the houses of low-income individuals. Their crucial work ranges from roof repairs to the addition of wheelchair ramps so disabled people can continue to live in the own homes.

Grappler Anchor: The Grappler Anchor is one of the best accessories you can have on your Scout. With bendable tines, the Grappler always comes free, making it the right choice for rocky-bottom waters.


You deserve an amazing boat, so use our Build Your Scout feature and you can create the perfect vessel for your needs. From intense fishing to casual cruising, Scout Boats are made to keep you happy for years!