The Making of a Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer with a strong history of excellence and innovation. Since its initial founding by Steve Potts in the 1980s, Scout Boats has made continually evolved to keep up with demands and to better serve the boating community. The guiding principle of Scout’s refined, unwavering excellence, however, has remained unchanged. It’s the principle that launched the company, and a principle that still holds solid today.


Take a look back
Like nearly every great business or company, the history of Scout Boats started with the passion and drive of a single person. For us, it was the passion of Steve Potts that launched this luxury boat manufacturer. Steve has been involved in the boat-building industry since he was 14 years old. He worked a wide variety of jobs in the boat-building industry, but with his intense passion for excellent crafts, he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he created his own successful boat brand.

With $50,000 in savings, he created a small manufacturing team and built a new craft, a 14-foot fishing boat that he called the Scout. It was a high-end fishing boat with an extremely meticulous fit and finish. By tailoring the boat to various dealers, he was eventually able to turn his passion into a successful brand and a profitable business.

In 1989, Steve’s small brick building that he used for boat construction was leveled by Hurricane Hugo. Once again, Steve’s drive and passion kicked in, and with the help of his family, he was able to salvage what he could and rebuild at a new location. By the end of 1990, Steve’s luxury boat manufacturing business was back to full strength and getting stronger with each new design.


Perhaps the greatest key to Scout’s success has been the unending commitment to innovation. One of the key innovations that Steve implemented is the reverse shoebox hull and deck design. This creative design provides a stronger boat structure. But Steve didn’t stop there. He also removed all wood from the boat, manufacturing luxury fishing boats with rot-free materials, so Scout owners can enjoy a longer-lasting, more reliable craft. Other innovations include the NuV3 hull design, strata-mount engine mounting system, and a patented T-top glass enclosure, among more.


Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer on the move. As our history shows, we have always been creating new innovations, updating our boat technology, and making sure our vessels are at the very cutting edge of technology. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, but one thing never changes: our commitment to excellence.

This is seen in our styling: every Scout is recognizable on the water, even before you see the Scout logo. This is seen in our materials: Scout uses the finest upholstery fabrics to ensure comfort as well as long-lasting quality. This is seen in our technology: we implement the finest electronics to create convenience, comfort, and luxury on the water.


You can have a great boat from one of the world’s leading luxury boat manufacturers.

Contact Scout Boats today, and you’ll be able to find the perfect fishing or bay boat for your needs.