Amazing Luxury Yacht Tenders from Scout Boats

Yacht Tenders

Scout Boats offers some of the finest reliability and performance on the water. These vessels, which are extremely reliable as fishing and cruising boats, also make some of the best yacht tenders imaginable. Scout Boats are comfortable, luxurious, and reliable—exactly what you expect from a luxury yacht tender.

These boats are incredibly reliable, stunning, and undoubtedly impressive. Whether you need a small fishing boat to tag along with your yacht or a comfortable cruiser that can carry a large group to the shore side restaurant, you need the performance and outstanding reliability of a Scout luxury yacht tender!


One of the top reasons that Scout Boats are selected for luxury yacht tenders is their outstanding reliability and unsinkable quality. These boats use an engineering process we call our “reverse shoebox,” which creates a stronger, more rigid hull that keeps its shape for a much longer time. All of our boats are foamed while still inside the mold, and we use 20 percent more foam than what the coast guard requires, further enhancing the reliability and consistency of every craft we create.


When you step off of your highly-refined yacht, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and luxury. With a Scout, you can maintain the highest level of refinement by having a vessel that is loaded with comfort and convenience features. Our boats use premium vinyls that are comfortable to the touch and maintain a great appearance, even after years of sun exposure and wear. They have a full array of electronic features in addition to a well-organized deck layout that allows anyone to enjoy their time on the water.


Many yacht owners bring their tender along because they want to leave the larger craft and enjoy a few hours of fishing. With a Scout as your luxury yacht tender, you will have all the features you need for an enjoyable time on the water. These boats, no matter what the specific model, have live wells, rod storage, compartments for tackle, and a layout that is highly conducive to fishing.


Yacht owners expect excellence in every detail, and that’s exactly what is brought with a Scout. Even the small details are given the utmost attention, creating a boat that meets a higher standard. These details include a screw head alignment that is perfectly flush with the rail. Why does this matter? Because if a screw head sticks out, it not only looks clumsy but creates a space that can catch on clothing or fishing line. Other details include a finished surface under the lid edges and inside the bilge compartment.


Contact Scout Boats today to learn more about our luxury fishing boats. We would be honored to help improve your boating experience by providing you with a fun, comfortable craft to use as the perfect yacht tender.