Luxury Fishing Boats: Combining Angling & Comfort

225 XSF - Luxury

Some boats are great for fishing. They have all the features you need for storing rods, organizing equipment, and keeping your catch. Other boats offer high-quality luxury, giving you comfort and convenience features that make cruising around the water a wonderful experience.

With a Scout, however, you get the best of both. You have a boat that helps you become a successful angler and a vessel that you and your family can enjoy for hours. How do we do it? Keep reading to find out how Scout Boats combines fishing and luxury to create the ultimate boating experience.


Premium Upholstery Materials
The comfort and luxury of a Scout starts with high-quality vinyl upholstery. This material uses nano-block technology that has three protection systems to keep it looking great for years. First, it protects against staining, which is a feature you’ll need when cutting bait or hauling in fish. Next, it protects against fading so the sun doesn’t dampen the color. Finally, it keeps mold from growing on the seats. All this results in seating that looks fantastic, even after years of fishing adventures.

Fishing Rod Holders
Every good angler needs multiple rods and reels. Every Scout, from the smallest model to our largest boat, has plenty of rod holders for all of your equipment. This means you can take everything from light fly rods to heavy deep-water fishing poles, making your trips all the more enjoyable.

Plenty of Storage
With all those rods, you’ll also need plenty of storage. Our boats have storage areas designed into multiple locations, including the front, back, and sides of the boat. You’ll be able to pack away nets, tackle boxes, and other fishing equipment without crowding the boat or creating a tripping hazard.

Aerated and Recirculating Live-wells
From live bait to your catch, anglers knows the importance of a high-quality live-well. Every boat we make has an aerated and recirculating live-well; some even have multiple wells on the front and back for added convenience.

Wired for GPS, Fish Finders, and Other Electronics
Electronics are more important to anglers than ever before. To have an advantage on the water, you need accurate fish finders, GPS markers, and other electronic systems. With a Scout, you’ll have a boat that is wired to handle all of your electronics, with equipment that matches an advanced aircraft. We also have advanced safety features in our wiring, including high-tech relays that allow for multiple systems without draining the battery.

Abundant Optional Features for Fishing
There are plenty of standard fishing and luxury features in a Scout, but perhaps the greatest advantage is all the optional features, allowing you to customize your fishing boat exactly how you like. Depending on the boat you choose, these can include aerated transom bait well, a deluxe cockpit tackle station, and even a stainless steel grill for cooking your catch without leaving the water!


If you appreciate fine luxury and world-class fishing, you deserve a Scout. Use our Build Your Scout feature and you’ll be able to create the boat that perfectly meets your needs.