Inshore Offshore Boats: Essential for Charleston, SC Fishing

Inshore Offshore

Charleston, South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, and this is largely due to the wide variety of fishing options. With everything from freshwater rivers to deep blue oceans, the Charleston areas gives a local angler everything they could dream of.

To truly get the most from fishing the Charleston area, however, you need the right craft: an inshore offshore boat. In this article, we’ll take a look at the unique variety of inshore and offshore fishing in Charleston, as well as the species that are available to anglers.


The term “inshore fishing” refers to angling that is done close to the shore. Generally speaking, it isn’t the distance to dry land but the depth of water you are fishing that determines inshore vs. offshore. If you are fishing in waters that are within 30 meters of depth, you are inshore fishing. That said, this type of fishing is usually within a few miles of shore.

Inshore fishing often requires a nimble, smaller fishing boat that can navigate shallow waters. The tackle will be lighter, the activity is often more family-friendly, and you can usually catch a larger number of fish during inshore angling.

Probably the most popular inshore fish in Charleston is the redfish. These fish offer excellent sport and are usually targeted on lighter tackle with both live bait and lures. Other popular inshore species in the area include sheepshead, trout, and flounder.


Offshore fishing is usually defined as fishing in water depths over 30 meters. Most of the time, it is done miles from shore, usually 20 to 50 miles from the nearest land.

It requires a larger, stronger offshore boat that can handle heavier seas. This sport relies more frequently on radar, radio, sonar, and weather technology. Because the fish get bigger out at sea, the tackle and equipment gets bigger as well. Offshore efforts are often more focused on trophy fishing, making it less family friendly.

In the waters surrounding Charleston, SC, shark fishing is one of the most popular targets for offshore anglers. These fish offer an unforgettable experience and give a fight that can wear down the backs and arms of the strongest anglers. Offshore fishing around Charleston can also bring up grouper, sea bass, amberjacks, and many more.


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Don’t limit yourself to one type of fishing. If you’re planning on fishing in the Charleston, SC area, this craft is certainly among the best fishing boats for you!

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