How To Deep Sea Fish

Deep Sea Fish

Deep sea fishing is not for the casual angler. While you don’t have to be a seasoned fishing expert, deep sea fishing calls for a level of knowledge, attention to detail, and patience that other forms of fishing don’t require. However, learning how to deep sea fish involves more than the proper know-how. If you’re going to head out for the most challenging and rewarding form of fishing, make sure you have the right mindset, the best equipment, and the perfect boat for the job.


You can’t get on the water if you don’t have a boat. But with deep sea fishing, it’s essential that you have the right boat. When fishing offshore, you need to have a boat that is large enough to handle rough waves and chop. It should cruise smoothly from one destination to another and should have the ability to maintain comfort in rolling seas. In most cases, this means having a boat with some size; you’ll probably want something around the length of 35 feet or longer. Deep sea fishing takes time, so you’ll want a boat with plenty of comfort and space. Comfortable seating and a cabin for rest and relaxation are ideal for extended offshore fishing adventures.

Your deep sea fishing boat should also have the right fishing features. Obviously, items like rod holders and livewells should be included, but you’ll also want to have extras like a marine fighting chair, cranking outriggers, and even an onboard grill for cooking your catch.

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Choosing the right equipment will depend on the exact species you are pursuing, but when you want to learn how to deep sea fish, you need to also learn more about heavy gear. Deep-sea fish are, in general, big trophy fish. Think 500, 1,000, or even 1,500 pounds of hard-fighting marlin, tuna, or shark. Most offshore rods are graphite, a lightweight yet extremely powerful material. Likewise, the reel will need to have plenty of cranking torque to help you drag a trophy out of the depths.

You should also consider having downriggers on your boat, which allows you to set your bait to specific depths. Using your fish finder to choose the depth, and downriggers to set the depth, will bring more productivity to your deep sea fishing.

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The process for deep sea fishing can be as varied as the fish themselves, but in general, you will use either live bait or artificial lures. First, we’ll talk about live bait. Bait that you either purchased from a bait shop or caught yourself can be extremely effective for bringing in hungry fish. In almost all cases, you want to use the bait that your pursuit is actually eating. So if, for example, the tunas are currently feeding on mackerel, then try fishing with mackerel.


Artificial lures come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more effective than others. Dragging artificial lures behind a moving boat (often called “trolling”) is an effective way to cover more water and place your lure in the striking range of active predators. Flashy artificial lures are popular for marlin and other active predators.

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If you are intent on hitting the seas and learning how to deep sea fish, make sure you have the right boat for the job by browsing our fishing boat models on our site or visiting one of our top-quality boat dealers. With advanced hulls, superior comfort, and outstanding luxury, along with all the fishing features you need, these boats help you become a success on the water.