How to Get More Fun Out of Boating in 2016

Get more fun out of boating

Are you looking for some fun and exciting boat activities for 2016? Are you ready for more than just cruising between the marina and the waterfront restaurants?

Then you need to mix it up.

You need to add new boating activities that few will try, but everyone will enjoy. From sports and games to new methods of water-bound exploration, these creative activities will help you have an even better boating experience and will lead to more fun in 2016.

Give Water Sports a Try

Whether you are completely inexperienced with water sports like skiing or wake boarding, or simply want to discover an exciting new activity; trying something new on the boat will be a thrill for everyone involved. There are hundreds of different variations for sports behind a boat, from gently dragging children on a tube to the challenge of barefoot skiing, which requires skill, practice, balance, and strength.

Stock the Boat with Games

It might seem foolish to take the boat out only to play cards and roll dice, but this activity can be a fun recess from normal boating and cruising. There’s something unique about a hand of poker from the deck of a Scout or a round of trivia while slowly cruising the water. Stock a few games in your boat and 2016 will be more fun for all your shipmates.

Magnet Hunt

This is one of the most interesting and unique games for boaters. Purchase a large magnet and 100 to 200 feet of line. Tie it all together and you have a treasure-catching tool that will be the thrill of every child aboard. You never know what you might find laying at the bottom, and this will certainly add a new level of interest to your boating experience.

Try a New Fishing Technique

This year, turn fishing on its head. If you always fish with live bait, try artificial lures. If you always fish shallow water near islands, try your luck in deeper waters. You could try chumming the water, which will attract nearby predators, or trolling with lures, which will help you cover a larger area in a shorter distance. The choice is yours, but be sure to try something new in 2016.

Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling may be the most exciting and engaging way to enjoy the water. This activity is not only for kids, but it’s also a great way for adults to explore underwater wrecks, reefs, and structure. You and your group will be thrilled by what you find while snorkeling, helping make 2016 the year of exploration and adventure.

Beach Camping

If you want a way to connect with your family while spending a night or a weekend with just you and your loved ones, camp for a night on the beach. Many of the models from Scout Boats come with spacious, comfortable cabins that are great for rest and relaxation. However, you can also take a tent and camping gear for a more rustic, get-away experience. Find a beach, start a fire, roast marshmallows, and have one of the most memorable nights in the outdoors.

Never be Bored on a Scout

If you want a boat that never disappoints, you need a Scout. These boats are excellent for cruising, fishing, skiing, and everything in between. From comfort to performance, you’ll get everything you need when you are boating with a Scout. Contact us today and let us help you have the year you’ll never forget.