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What Is A Good First Boat To Buy?

231 XS

Owning a boat is a wonderful experience. But if you’ve never purchased a boat before, you need to take your time and make sure you select the right craft. Here’s what to look for in a good first boat!

What To Look For in a First Boat

When searching for your first boat, look for these important features:

  • Affordable Price. There is little doubt that you’ll love owning a boat. However, for your first purchase, look for one with a moderate price. If you discover that boating is right for you, you can move to a higher-priced craft.
  • Moderate Size. If this is your first boat, it’s safe to assume that you don’t have much experience driving and maneuvering a vessel. Choose something with a manageable size to help you ease into boat operation.
  • Variety of Features. Your first boat should have a wide variety of features so you can try many different activities. This should include features for fishing, watersports, leisurely cruising, and more.

Excellent Beginner Boats from Scout

If you are looking for a first boat, consider one of these excellent models from Scout Boats. They combine an affordable price, a manageable size, and numerous features to create a boat that you will love for years!

175 Sport Dorado

175 Sport Dorado

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Starting at a great price, the 175 Sport Dorado is a comfortable dual-console boat that delivers superior handing and versatility on the water. With a draft of only
ten inches, this boat can reach shallow fishing areas that other anglers can’t reach, leaving you with access to untouched spots. It has a livewell for fishing, a swim platform for skiers, and can be equipped with a variety of other features that enhance your boating experience!

195 Sportfish

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Another affordably-priced boat, the 195 Sportfish is a remarkable craft that can be used for virtually any water activity. It has a comfortable deck for your group thanks to a beam of eight feet, six inches, yet it maintains easy
maneuverability. With features like the Bimini top, backrest seating, and a capacity for seven people, this sleek vessel gives you everything you could desire from your first boat.

231 XS

231 xs

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Although at a higher price point than the previous two models, this is such a popular boat that it is often limited in inventory—so you need to act quickly if you want one of these excellent vessels. The 231 XS is a versatile boat that can be used for both inshore and
offshore boating. Whether you want a craft that is great for fishing or simply want to pull skiers for an afternoon of enjoyment on the water, the 231 XS is a wonderful option.

Get the Boat You Deserve from Scout!

If you want a truly incredible vessel for your first boat, you need a Scout. Use our Build Your Scout Feature to customize a boat that meets all of your needs!

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