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Fun Activities for Kids on a Boat

You want your boat to be enjoyed by the whole family. But sometimes, it’s hard to convince the kids to go along on a boat ride. They may get bored, hungry, or plain grumpy after a few hours without entertainment. However, these fun activities for kids on a boat are sure to keep them happy all day!

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Pulling a Tube

Most kids (and adults too!) love riding on a tube behind a boat. This activity is extremely fun for kids, and it’s often a favorite summer activity. If you’re having trouble getting kids on the boat, entice them with a tubing trip and they’ll come running to the dock!


For some kids, fishing seems boring and slow. For others, it can be the highlight of their trip. Bring along kid-friendly fishing gear and let your little ones reel in a catch. The best strategy to keep a kid’s interest is to fish in areas where there are lots of small, active fish.

Beach Picnic

Staying on the boat all day can get tiresome. Break things up by stopping for a beachside picnic. Pack food, beverages, and a blanket to have a simple picnic that will be enjoyed by the whole family. You may also want to bring a beach umbrella to protect everyone from the sun.

A Slide

A slide is a fun and easy-to-use addition to your boat. There are a variety of slides that attach to the rail of your boat and give kids a fun activity that could last for hours. Be sure to place the slide somewhere near the entrance-point of the boat so kids can slide over and over again with ease.


Simply stop the boat, drop anchor, and jump in. Swimming is great exercise, and kids will love jumping in the water and cooling off. Be sure everyone is safe and make sure little children have their lifejackets on at all times.

Teach Them About the Boat

Kids are curious. They always want to know how and why things are done. Tap into this curiosity and make them more interested in boating by teaching them about the craft. They may not be able to operate the boat, but, depending on their age, you can show them the controls, teach them knots, show them the wells, and help them get familiar with your craft.

Look for Wildlife

If your children are learning about animals and fish at school or home, a wildlife activity is perfect. Ask them to keep an eye out for birds, fish, mammals, and other creatures you might see while boating.

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