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Fuel-Efficient Boats Thanks to World-Class Hulls

At Scout boats, we take pride in creating high-quality boats that meet the needs of boaters all across the country. Part of what makes our boats so outstanding is the superior fuel-economy. We put meticulous time and effort into creating a hull that runs smoothly across the water, reducing drag and lifting the overall fuel-efficiency.

Just how efficient are our fishing boats, and what does that mean to you, the boat owner? It means less money going into the tank, and more time spent cruising along in your favorite craft. If you are an angler, it also means you can go further in your boat, reaching distant fishing holes that many other boats may not be able to reach.

When you browse our inventory, you can search through about 30 different models that achieve up to 74.6% better efficiency. How to we achieve that? It’s not necessarily through lighter boats, it’s primarily through world-class development and design of our hulls.

Air-Assist Design

This is the hull design that started our company about 25 years ago. From the very start, we worked hard to perfect this hull, and that dedication paid off in the Air-Assist design. This hull design is used in our boats that range from 15 to 19 feet, and it is very unique to our brand. This hull gives you a boat that is stable, efficient, and gets on a plane quickly, which reduces drag and increases efficiency. The boat does all of this with less horsepower, meaning you won’t be burning too much fuel, even when running at top performance.

NUV3 Design

Many boat manufacturers use the same design for all or most of their boats, but hull design is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Scout boats have a specific hull design for different size categories, maximizing efficiency and performance. Medium-sized boats in our lineup get the NUV3 design, which is another hull that was completely designed and engineered by Scout. We spend a long time developing this Hull, using different angles and lifting stakes to create one of the most efficient designs on the water. Once again, you can go faster and use less horsepower thanks to a fuel-efficient hull design.

Step-Tall Design

The last hull design that we use is called the Step-Tall design. This hull is used in our larger craft like the 345 LFX. This fuel-efficient design has a notch near the center of the hull that marks the beginning of the forward step. It creates a very fast boat that is able to do more with less horsepower, once again generating greater efficiency. In fact, many of our boats that use the Step-Tall design can run with two engines while similar-sized boats will require three.

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